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What Are You Talking About?


Air Date: 3/10/22 - What are you talking about, and where is that coming from?  Today, Jacob Wirka helps you examine your words with an honest look at your heart and great encouragement for your spirit!


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4 months ago
Please pray for my slip of the lip, if you will. I don't want to give life to my mispoken words and hurt others.. Thank you! I needed to be reminded of this.
4 months ago
My parents used to curse me on occasion when I was growing up. I sometimes think, if I was a parent, I would make the same mistakes. How do I overcome this.
4 months ago
I don't know how to be consistant in my life. What am I supposed to do about this?
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, it is so easy to spread rumours about other persons. It is so easy to use my mouth to tell a lie and to hurt others. Lord, have mercy on my many infractions and teach me more of Your mercy and truth whenever I am tempted to slander and to tear down.
4 months ago
Help me, LORD, not to depart from Your Word and to be deeply engaged in it so that I become more like You🙏
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