Using Your Gifts - Win the Day


Using Your Gifts


Air Date: 4/10/21 - God gifts His children with all they need to fulfill their unique purpose in life. So, what are your gifts? Today Pastor Nat encourages you to embrace them, and put them to use for God and the people around you!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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10 months ago
I have the gift that i am so gifted that I am talented, so others say to me. When they need help with syaying with their loved one, when they want a day off. I am there them/
10 months ago
Thank you pastor Nat For sharing I am the same way I will love to sing but I don't have a voice either I have learned a lot God-bless you.
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10 months ago
Thanks, Eva. I'm thankful God has a built-in "auto-tune" so when I do sing it is a sweet sound!
10 months ago ( updated 10 months ago )
I feel like this post was a part of God trying to communicate something with me. I am suffering from thyroid problems, and as somebody who aspires to be on Broadway, I feel like it’s extra scary for me. The swollen gland in my neck is pushing up against my vocal cords, making the quality of my voice perish completely. I was very scared that my voice is completely damaged, and I’d never get to live my dreams. But then this video just suddenly appeared to me, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much it helped me see that singing is my gift from God. Though I am still afraid of the outcome, I’ve come to realize that God has gifted me with the ability to perform, and if it’s in his will, I will use it to glorify him in any way I can! Lord, I thank for the special gifts you have given me, and I pray that I will use those gifts to inspire people and glorify you.
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10 months ago
I cried whilst watching this!! God is so good!! ❤️❤️❤️
10 months ago
Thank you for sharing. I'm praying for a full recovery so you can pursue your dream. I wanted to share a miracle with you. Your struggle reminded me of a miracle that was recorded on audio of a pastor who "lost his voice" for years. While teaching God answered a prayer....

10 months ago
I am struggling with every area of my life I think due to choices and decisions i have made but i do not know if my depression is playing a key role. I am confused and running in fear I am guessing. I am not clear as why I am where i am mentally, physically, emotionally and location wise. I have never had, as far as I remember, had all the above at once. During my bible studies, I keep reading that the more in us of God/purpose the more that comes against us. What do I do with this?
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9 months ago ( updated 9 months ago )
Kristina you are not "alone" in those struggles, remember the battle belongs to God! We all have been at the point you are feeling as I can say I have and still do. The difference I know that each new day God's Mercy's and Grace are made New. Remember He Loved you first and chose You! You are made in the image of God nothing can separate us from Him. Know that my sister in Christ we are praying that God reminds You with His Presence to bring you true calm and peace just Trust and Believe!
We know Jesus said I will not forsake nor leave you. May The Lord wrap you in His Healing Refuge Arms Hands Bosom Love and Light to Strengthen Renew Restore Refresh You to know that He's with you every moment. God Bless You and Keep You Always in His Amazing Grace in Jesus name Amen 🙏

The 7 Promises of God
I will be with you.
I will protect you.
I will be your strength.
I will answer you.
I will provide for you.
I will give you peace.
I will always love

Beginning with Christ.
5 Assurances.
Introduction. If you have to the best of your knowledge received Jesus, God's Son, as your own Savior, you have become a child of God. ...
Assurance of Salvation. ...
Assurance of Answered Prayer. ...
Assurance of Victory. ...
Assurance of Forgiveness. ...
Assurance of Guidance.

Kristina you face anything do anything because Jesus is alive within You because He died to give us life back through Him alone!

Remember God's Presence is your Greatest Weapon! If you get the chance please listen to Mercy me new song say I won't.

10 months ago
Hi Kristina, I feel like I could have written what you said word for word. In fact yesterday I added all these (tracks to my program) and I pretty much was writing almost exactly as you are today.

I truly understand your pain. I'm going through so many of the emotions you are right now. I am begging to God to bring me peace.... and to stop in my self destructive ways. It's so hard and the pain is real.

I'm praying for you my Sister in Christ. May God bring you a little bit of peace today, and may he open your heart to feel it. I pray for you in Jesus's name.. Amen 🙏
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10 months ago
I thank God for the Spirit especially with all the negativity going on
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