Turning Curveballs into Homeruns (Joseph) - Part 3 - Win the Day

Turning Curveballs into Homeruns (Joseph) - Part 3

Air Date: 5/15/20 - You thought your family was crazy?  Meet Joseph’s family!  Today Pastor Nat Crawford points to the story of Joseph’s reunion with his brothers and shows how God can restore entire families through the act of forgiveness. Cara Whitney and Arnie Cole join Nat to discuss what it takes to be a grace-bearer to the people around you. 

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2 years ago
Forgiveness is the hardest to do, till you receive the forgiveness from your sin then let go of all baggage , the true forgiveness I am truly have the whole forgiveness.
2 years ago
Pastor Nat here! I'm curious. How has God's forgiveness changed how you treat people?
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2 years ago
As a Christ follower, love them just as Jesus would.
2 years ago
I have no problems forgiving others. Praying my sister-in-law could forgive others and me.
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