Turning Curveballs into Homeruns (Joseph) - Part 2 

Air Date: 5/14/20 - How do you choose to trust God when you’re dealing with trials you didn’t sign up for and situations you don’t deserve?  Pastor Nat Crawford looks at the life of Joseph to confirm that in the short-term, life certainly isn’t fair.  But what do you see when you look at Joseph’s life as a whole?   Get a new perspective on life as you learn to choose faith over fear.  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney will also be on hand with encouragement to help you trust God. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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To help others of God's grace to everyone.
Do the best what has given you, just being you.
I appreciated today's message. Enjoy listening to all of the messages. So thankful for Back To The Bible and the Go Tandem app.
I remember complaining about the fairness of life. Let's face it. Life isn't fair. But by the power of the Spirit, we can choose to respond well and in faith. To choose my response in the power of the Spirit is the best advice I received.
What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?