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Truth oMotivaton? 


Air Date: 5/10/21 - Does the motivation behind the truth matter? Pastor Nat looks at this question in light of the Apostle Paul’s response to doctrine and the problematic evangelists of his time.  Motives matter, but truth wins out – even today!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a year ago
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
a year ago
Thank you for the message.
a year ago
I will always speak God's Word from my heart with Truth in Doctrine. In all ways remember Christ is The Joy of our Strength. I choose to Stand on The Foundation of God He is our Solid Rock.
I choose even when I think I'm serving not to tell another their serving Jesus is wrong in the way they do.

For we read our Bible to study learn daily seek understanding. Not telling others their wrong for their understanding. Yes there are tears who say they speak God's Word but with a closed heart not willing to continue to learn; but to put God in a box which he is not!

Father You have told us to do all things from our hearts with The Love of You. Remind us Father that together we are to be "One" with You. To always humble ourselves in all things. Father I surrender my every Prayer, need, want, thought, desire, burden, my goals dreams, fear, free will to You OH Mighty God. Please take these out of my hands and heart to Glorify You in all things as I follow in Your Mighty Footsteps. In Jesus name Amen.
a year ago
I rejoice in the truth.
a year ago
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