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True Humility 

Air Date: 11/23/20 - Humility.  How do you define it?  Why does God think it’s so important?  In today’s episode, Pastor Nat Crawford helps you take stock of your life, the things you do, and where your true identity resides.  Find out how you can live life with confidence and true humility.  

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I need to live the way that is pleasing to God daily,I never knew what true humility was till now,thank you for this powerful teaching
It is closer to God's definition.
Thanks Pastor Nat, for this passage for today, powerful message.
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I guess I really never knew exactly what humility was. Thank you so much for sharing. This will help me a lot in living my life for God. God bless you
Love this app
How do you define humility? Was it closer to the world's definition or God's?
Father, empower me to live a life of humility which is pleasing to You. I can't do it in my strength, "but I can do all things through Christ Jesus Who strengthens me". Amen!
I really enjoyed these words. I know that without God, I wouldn't exist. Because of this I am always humble.
This was a awesome teaching!
Thank you Pastor Nat for helping me to remember who and whose I am.