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True Greatness


Air Date: 4/26/21 - Want to be first?  Start by being last!  Pastor Nat defines what makes a person great in God’s eyes by laying out some practical ways for you to jump in and serve.  


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Heveniy father, please help me to continue be a servant, in jesus name Amen.
Great words, Joey.
Huge opportunity there! Many of us forget about these opportunities. Thank you for the reminder.
It is great to do service for the needy, homeless and the single mom.
That's beautiful Karen! You indeed have a very kind heart!! Good Bless You on your journey being a caregiver. What a truly rewarding, and often unnoticed service. Peace be with you. 😇🙏💕
Well said Joey. My Brother in Christ. I hope you are having a Blessed day. 😇
John 14:26“ But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.”    “The Holy Ghost enlarges our minds, our hearts, and our understanding; helps us subdue weaknesses and resist temptation; inspires humility and repentance; guides and protects us in miraculous ways; and gifts us with wisdom, divine encouragement, peace of mind, a desire to change, and the ability to differentiate between the philosophies of men and revealed truth. The Holy ghost is the minister and messenger of the Father and the Son, and He testifies of both Their glorious, global reality and Their connection to us personally. Without the presence of the Spirit, it is impossible to comprehend our personal mission or to have the reassurance that our course is right. No mortal comfort can duplicate that of the Comforter.” Matthew 5:16 16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven Philippians 2:4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. To be "Great" we must imitate Jesus Christ as a servent just as He was and remains to be each new day. We must keep our eyes open to "see" what God puts before us. We "live" not just be alive! Life is not a competition to be fist but to serve as Jesus tells us to. If you have a neighbor that needs their grass cut do just do it, I do. If your in line for food shopping and someone is short help them pay that difference. Jesus tells us do all things to Glorify Him! Heavenly Father I Pray You would Bless and keep all our brothers and sisters here and throughout this world. Father to often we forget we are to Glorify You in all we do for You see all. Lord Please Bless us us to become true servers as You were and remain to be daily serving our every need. Help us keep our eyes fixed on You to see what You want us to see. Please Father Bless us to remember we are a "family" that You head, that we must lead with our hearts and Love in all things. Thank You Lord in Jesus name Amen
Truly a great message, we must give our time to others in need. That's God's message to us to serve one another, ty
Thank you for the video great message.
Amen, God bless
Thanks for sharing, Karen. That is a high calling to care for aging parents. I'm watching my friend do it. He is the biggest servant and I can see how tough it is. You have a servant's heart. Keep serving for our King!
I love it very informative
Great lesson. The Bible states that we as Christians are to help others I do love helping people. I share the responsibilities of caring fir my parents both of whom are bed ridden it's very rewarding to be able to do this for them. My dad is 98 and up until a year ago was still able to walk for exercise using his walker. All within a year he has been hospitalized 4 times and is so weak it's hard for him to even move without help this is an example of how quick something can change. By helping others we set examples and we might need the same help ourselves one day. I think it's better to have helped others whenever possible so that we feel blessed if we are helped one day in the same way. Also I would love to deliver meals on wheels or other volunteer services. Helping others is a great way to keep from just focusing on self!
What a great idea. I pray it goes well. I pray for multiplication and for growth and the spread of the good news!
That's awesome, Natasha. That is going to bless their socks off. Simple acts of kindness are examples of grace. I pray it opens doors for the gospel and encouragement.
So true. We long for significance. We strive for being noticed by the world around us. But our true significance and value is found in Christ in us. In our brokenness, we are made great in Christ. Quite the paradox.
Thanks for sharing your story from Friday! This weekend I was served. I built a shed and had some friends from church who came over and helped. Serving others is a blessing. Sometimes, it's hard to receive the blessing, but that robs the person wanting to serve. Today, I am looking for those unique opportunities as well. I know I have some service tonight, but will keep my eyes open until then! God bless! Have a great Monday!
Grace , I have been praying the Holy Spirit will move me to have a transformation group in my home. Saved and unsaved ladies. I will start with one and then hopefully she will invite someone and so on. There will be no teachers so to speak. The idea is to pray for one another for spiritual revival and to encourage women to spend 30 minutes to an hour Reading one book for 2 to 3 weeks and discussing it. i am Praying after three people, there will be a break off to someone else’s home with all different people. Please pray for me!
Amen. After listening to your message, I'm going again to a friend's house to weed and spread mulch in his garden since he can't be outside in the sun due to cancer. Please pray for healing to him and his wife who is not in the best of health. Thank you.
Praise the Lord.....
Thank you lord for the continuous blessings. I plan to serve and help others today without complaining I often get upset because the same is not done for me. Thank you Jesus for everything this video taught me a lot
Thank you for the message.
This scripture challenges the cultural trend to be seen as good, great, worthy and acknowledged through an ethnic lense while Jesus calls all of us to a perspective that recognizes the worth of others above ourselves by serving them. Very profound. it is hard not to want to be noticed for doing nothing! Help me to WANT to serve others by getting out there and doing it! Anyone know the translation used for the text today?
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Amen Yesss Lord
Amen Show us Lord!
Dear God please send people my way today in which I can serve. You gave me a great opportunity on Friday. I was heading to the office that morning and someone asked me for money. I actually was having a good morning and I said, sure. I took out my wallet and tried to grab 1 dollar. Instead I pulled out 2. In was like... whoops....1 for you and 1 for me. He offered to give me my money back. I told him no, but I wanted him to promise me that he would do something nice for someone that day. That he, in turn, would help someone in need. He looked a little confused. But I just gave him the money and said (God Bless You) It did start my day in a really positive way! Now I just can't do that for everyone who asks me for money on my way to work... it's honestly too much. But something told me that I really needed to help this person out. It's hard with the pandemic, so many of my volunteer activities have been shut down. I miss them a lot. Today I'm going to just try to be really, super kind to people. Open doors, give people compliments. (Just little things like that, if the experience comes my way) Jesus please help me to embrace the"attitude" of servant hood. I know when I do help people I feel really good about myself. And sometimes helping someone whom I don't really care for is far greater to me than volunteering at a soup kitchen. (Which I know I like doing). I humbly ask this of you through Jesus's name. Amen!! 🙏😇💕😇🙏