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Too Good to Be True?


Air Date: 3/26/21 - Salvation is a gift? Really? It may sound too good to be true, but Pastor Nat shares that this indeed is God’s plan, and it’s open to anyone. Who will you share it with today?

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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And what a privilege it is! Please pray for Anita and Eduardo.
Praying for the Lord to fight this Spiritual battle with them
Praying for you to find Christian fellowship with our other Body members of Christ Jesus here in Earth . Jesus is the Way, Truth, Life and Light. We need to stay close to Him, but a way of doing that is through fellowship with our Christian Brothers and Sisters. Even though we may not See 100 percent eye to eye with each other at all times, we need to strive to use our Spiritual Sight, not our earthly sight. Praying for us All to See and Hear and Understand with the eyes, ears, and mind and heart of our Lord, Jesus Christ
Father, I pray for Myra, Joel, and Michael. God, I pray you will call them. I pray they will be moved to a point of brokenness. I pray this brokenness will move them to repentance. Amen!
Alexander, I will pray for these people. Father, I pray for John, Carl, and Bright. You know where they are. You know what prevents them from trusting you. I pray you will open their hearts to the gospel. I pray for opportunities to share the good news. Amen.
Father, I pray for Anita! I pray she will be open to talking, listening, and receiving the good news!
Judith, I pray it went well. If you have an update, please share! I pray that Joe and his wife will receive the Word with pleasure and their hearts might be moved to you!
Thank you.
I am planning on reaching out to someone today to share the Gospel.with. We have some new neighbors that I haven't met yet due to Covid. I cannot give you a name at this time as I don't know their names except for one whose name is Joe. I haven't met his wife yet. So if I see that they are home, today would be a good time.
Amen, thank you Pastor Nat.
It could be free, but it cost Jesus Christ his life God's only Son, it is not free.
Thank you please pray for Anita she is my coworker
God bless you pastor Nat. Please pray for John,Carl and Bright
Remember that religion is man made Christianity is Christ made. To build a true loving, trusting, intimate relationship with Jesus. He will sustain us through everything in Jesus name Amen
Heavenly Father I am Thankful that You Jesus Loved we Your children first and chose us to be Yours. By living to show us that we are to live as You lived to lead with Love as You did and remain to do within us. Jesus I Praise and Thank You for shedding Your blood to give us life back through You alone. For You are our one True Chief Commander in Control, The Alpha Omega The First and Last, our Teacher, Healer, Redeemer, The Way, Truth, The Life and Light, our Salvation, Creator, King, God, Father and Master. I Thank You for giving us Free will but knowing that Free will is to be only Your Will! Thank You Lord for Your Mercy's and Grace made New each Morning. For open arms each new day. For the battle belongs to You. Jesus You are alive within us Your Presence is our Greatest Weapon. Through every trial storm You lead way and I will Trust in You alone with all my heart, Soul, mind and might. Thank You Lord for telling us we belong to You You belong to us, we are Yours, You are Ours. Forever I will turn to You as You Jesus provide our every need. I Love You Lord and need You every second. I surrender my all to You. Father reading below I see that their are many in need of Your Presence and Your Faithfulness. Father I Pray You will Bless each brother and sister below hearing their prayer and request as well as ours for them. Please Father let Your Love fill them, Your Light shine magnified within each of them. As to tell us Father do not fear for I am with You, do not be dismayed for I am Your God, I will Strengthen you, I will Uplift you with my Ritchous Right hand. Lord we Believe Trust in You The True Promise keeper. Please Father reach out to remind them to let go surrendering all to You Jesus for You will never Fail us. Touch the hearts of their loved ones to lead them to the foundation which is You our Mighty Savior Jesus Christ. Father I ask I request, I surrender all I have Prayed to You and will not cease to pray, for I stand on The only Solid Rock which is You, in Jesus Mighty, Blessed name Amen.
In how can we pray for them, in the opening their heart's to Jesus or in another way?
Thank you Lord for the gift of salvation
Can you please help pray for myra, Joel and Micheal
Father, I pray for Laymarr, Andre, Gladger, Jonathan, Thomas, Andre, Fran, Mindy, Charnita, Janet, Sharon's grandkids, Val, and her cousins. I pray for salvation. I pray for repentance. I pray for an open heart to your truth and your Word. Put around them truth and love that points right to you. Amen!
That's so hard to watch, Shirley. I pray for truth to be brought forward and believed. I pray that the lies of Satan will be rejected. I pray for authentic salvation to be experienced. Amen.
Father, I pray for Sawyer and Morgan. Your Said "let the little children come to me." I pray that these grandchildren will feel your love and hear your call. Amen!
I am happy to pray for your contract. God, I pray for this dear friend's contract. YOu know what their skills and needs are. If this is the best thing, we ask it. If there's something else that's better, we trust you. But we do ask you hear this request. Amen!
Dear Pastor Nat, please pray for the Renewal my Employment Contract with my employer Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs (DPLGA) and Project Management Unit (PMU). I have faith only in God almighty that through him, all things are possible.
Please pray for my grandchildren Sawyer and Morgan! Thank you pastor
Please pray for my husband's daughters, nieces, and nephews, who have embraced life coaching with strong elements of mysticism-- believing truth is relative and different for everyone, God is in everything and everyone so we are God, self care to the point of selfishness, glorifying creation for than the Creator... Please pray for them to turn away from lies and wholeheartedly to the only true God.
Dear Pastor Nat can you add my sons Laymarr Andre Gladger Jonathan my brothers Thomas Andre my daughters Fran Mindy Charnita Janet my grandkids my sister Val and all of my cousins much love alway Andre and Mindy is traveling around the Midwest can you pls pray for their safe while traveling on their weeks journey amen and thanks
Father, I pray for Yolanda and Marilyn. You know where they are. You know what is hardening their hearts. I pray you lovingly break them, so they are ready to repent and turn to Jesus. Please, Father! Amen.
Hey Josephine. I pray for your family. I pray that they will know our Father through His Son. I pray for softened hearts and open ears to the message and truth. Amen!
You got it, Elizabeth. I pray for Al. God, I pray for an open heart. I pray for repentance. I pray for salvation. Amen!
Father, I pray for Robin. You know what she needs. You know what it will take. I pray for you to meet her where she's at and transform her. Amen!
Thanks, Jane. I pray that this young man will meet you again or someone who will continue to scatter the seed of the gospel and water it with authentic love and living. Amen! Keep being open to these gospel opportunities!
Thank you, Shari, for being open about your prayer requests. I pray for your husband that he will stay away from drinking and pursue Christ fully. For your children, I pray they will receive God's gift and never turn back. I pray they will be open to hear the gospel and respond favorably to it. Amen!
Dear pastor i am asking for prayers for my friends yolanda and marilyn who need help accepting our lord and savior.
Thank you Pastor for this daily devotional it bless me every day and please pray for my family on both sides of my family and may God bless you all amen
Hey Kimberly. Thanks for these names. Father, I pray for Camile and Eric. You know their hearts. You know what is getting in the way of their repentance. I pray you call them. Soften their hearts. Open their eyes and ears. I pray you do a mighty work. Amen!
I will pray, Jerry. Father, I pray for Andrew and Lester. Father, they are lost without you. I pray they will hear and receive the gospel with open hearts. I pray their lives will be overwhelmed with your love and kindness. I pray their hearts will be moved to repentance. Amen!
Father, I pray for Jennifer and Joe, and the other family members. I pray you will soften their hearts to the gospel. I pray for Carol. I pray she will be faithful in scattering the seed of the gospel and reliant on you to do the saving. I pray you to do this work. Amen!
Shirley, I pray for Mark. I pray for peace and healing. I pray an openness to you, your Word, and your healing power. Amen.
Father, I pray for Michael and Robert. I pray that they will give up trying to earn that love and forgiveness. Help them to see and know your offer is free. I pray they receive it and rest in it. Amen.
Good morning, Clyde. I am glad you are here! Father, you know Clyde Jr., Michelle, Cody, and Bryana. You know their every thought, concern, and hope. I pray you will call them. I pray they will hear your gospel clearly. I pray they will respond with passion to your offer of salvation. Amen!
Thank you for this vital message. I’m praying for my granddaughter, Robin Prescott. Thank you for adding her to your ptayers
Heavenly Father. I pray for Kirk, Monica, Gabe, and Glena. You know their hearts. You know what is preventing them from hearing your Word and receiving it. Your gospel is the power of salvation, so I pray it penetrates their hearts and moves them to you quickly. Amen!
Hey Carolyn. Maybe share this post with her or someone else. Allow God's Word to do the heavy lifting. Sharing is caring. I pray that your mother's heart will be softened. That any obstacles will be removed to seeing Jesus clearly. Amen!
Father, I lift up Leo, Danny, Nicole, Jimmy to you. they need you. They need to receive your gift. Allow their eyes to see you clearly and their hearts to receive you fully. Amen!
Dorothy, thank you for sharing these precious names. Father, I pray for Scott, Natalya, Steve, and Ashley, I pray they will cry out to you as Savior. I pray you will open their ears and soften their hearts to receive the gospel. Amen!
Thank you for the Gospel. Thank you for keeping the main thing the main thing.
Thank you for this Pastor Nat. I love the challenge to go and, yesterday I spoke to a young man who I have met on more than 3 occasions in my waking time and have taken ld him"God like a ves ou".. I did not get his name but I know God will put in my direction and will get his name. , No religion just tell it all n Jesus name. Amen.
Amen. I love listening to Nat. I want every one to pray for son, my daughters,my granddaughters, my husband to keep him from drinking he stopped but to keep him going on it. The most important my husband is. My son and daughters they believe in Jesus. My husband goes around with it. When drinking. When he stops he really want to know God. That I really want prayer for is my husband. Thank you all for every thing you give everyone from your service. God bless you all.
Camille, Eric
Please pray for my sons-in-law Andrew and Lester that they would give their lives to Jesus.
Maureen I'm praying that Michael and Robert will lose their guilt. Guilt is a strong, hard and exhausting emotion to carry around. It blinds you from seeing the world through different lenses. One of the lenses in learning to look at life through is that Jesus loves ME. Yes, little ole ME. And I am saved by his salvation from the cross. It's a gift that I'm learning to take from Jesus. It's a process. I'm praying that Michael and Robert will grab hold onto some of God's grace and in return will lose some of their Guilt. I pray that they find peace that Jesus loves THEM. I humbly request in your name Jesus Christ. 🙏😇🙏😇🙏
Please pray for daughter, Jennifer, brother Joe & many family members. For me to not be timid in sharing the good news. Bless you and your staff
Please pray for my estranged husband Mark who is suffering from deep depression and pray that he draws closer to God
Please pray for Michael and Robert to lose the guilt and self condemnation with works to attempt to earn, earn forgiveness, earn any sense of self righteousness, earn love and realize God loves them unconditionally thru no works of their own and He did and does from day one. Made them perfect in His image. Through Gods Grace we are loved, forgiven and corrected at the same time. Thank you Father In Jesus name
Great message today and I would like prayer for my children, Clyde Jr., Michelle, Cody and Bryana as they do not see God as I do, saving me from a life of destruction. I pray they come to Jesus!!
Please pray for Kirk, Monica, Gabe, and Glena. Thank you.
You're right playing the religion game is exhausting. I think this message of salvation bring free and not earned is a hard concept for us. I know it is for me. I don't know who to reach out to today. But please pray for my Mother's heart to soften. Please help her see that holding, grudges and being so close to anger is not helpful to her. I wish she were happy and had a softer heart. I can't ever mention this to her in words as it "sets her off"... but I pray that if her heart can soften she will learn how to love. I humbly ask this if you through Jesus Christ. Amen
Please prat for Leo , Danny, Nicole, Jimmy.
Please pray for Scott, Natalya, Steve, and Ashley Chandler.