Time, Treasure and Talents, Part 4  - Win the Day

Time, Treasure and Talents, Part 4 

Air Date: 7/30/20 - Why does God care about how you manage your resources?  Pastor Nat Crawford answers that question and more in today’s encouraging study about stewardship.  Later, Cara Whitney and Arnie Cole join him to share some practical insights and help you move forward in faith.

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As an Christ followers, to how you can to help others.
Pastor Nat, with God's help, I want the motivation of my heart in giving to be in alignment with God's instructions. I must confess that sometimes it's not. I want to be generous in every way bringing God glory!
Thank You!
Happy Day! Here we are at the end of a 4 part series on stewarding our time, our treasure, and our talents. What will you do differently after wrestling with this passage?
I loved the heart felt story about your grandfathers efforts to not only see that you received your special present...but he gave santa all the credit. You honor your family well...not focus on the many shortcomings...you walk your talk...thanks pastor nat!