Time, Treasure and Talents, Part 1 - Win the Day

Time, Treasure and Talents, Part 1 

Air Date: 7/27/20 - Pastor Nat Crawford explains that true generosity has nothing to do with your checkbook.  It’s all about your heart! And you’ll discover that God’s generous spirit can fill your heart to overflowing!  Later, Pastor Nat is joined by Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney to talk about the impact of cheerful giving.

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Hi thank you for the teaching it really helped me understand more about giving🙏
Good teaching
I think it's my time. I am very good at managing and leveraging my time. Now to use that time to maximize my talents...
I am trying do my best, by what I can do .
It's such a good question, Pastor Nat, and it's something I will reflect on.
I love how God meets my needs even before I ask Him. I've been wanting to learn more about stewardship. I was so happy to listen to your teaching today and I look forward to the next lessons. Thank you so very much for your service!
Enjoyed listening today about stewardship. I know I try to lay up treasures in heaven. I would love to do more of that than I do.
Good morning! When we talk about stewardship, we often discuss our time, treasure, and talents. Which is the easiest for you to steward well?
Thank you for the guidance/teaching on stewardship.
Thank You for your guidance and encouragent to give freely from the ❤!
Thank you for the word stewardship