Thriving When the Heat is On - Part 3 - Win the Day

Thriving When the Heat is On - Part 3

Air Date: 04/29/20 - You may be facing cancer.  Job loss.  Financial ruin.  Bullying.  Whatever it is, others are watching and asking, “How?”  “How do you handle these problems?”  Pastor and Apologist Nat Crawford takes you to the book of Daniel for insight, and joins Author Cara Whitney and Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole for candid conversation about how to handle the disappointments and fears that invade our lives.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford
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Hi thank you so much for the message Arnie Cara and net that was a very good message Cara I like the way you put it out that God was picking on you the closer you came to him
I think countless others now feel your same pain, Nancy, with the job loss. What has happened to America is a travesty on so many levels. However, as Believers, we know that amidst the chaos God is in control. Our trust in Him is on trial because He knows Faith not tested cannot be trusted. I'm reflecting back on something that came to me September 18, 2016 that I believe God shared with me that same year I battled late-stage 3 cancer and it is this: There's purpose in your pain. You learn things when in pain that are not learned without pain. Know that God is more concerned for our growth than our pain because He knows our pain is temporal but our growth is eternal. Life is but a vapor during which time He is preparing us for eternity. So, embrace the pain, embrace the trial and know this too shall pass. In 2016, my #1 prayer that entire year of experiences I would NEVER have wished on my worst enemy was this: "Please, Lord, help me to learn what I need to learn through my cancer so that I NEVER have to go through this again." That He did. My priorities have changed. My perceptions have vastly improved transforming my disciplines and behaviors. For the same reasons we don't want to pray for patience, we don't want to go through the pain of our circumstances. I can only encourage that you remain thankful in all things regardless of the pain. I did and I'm a living testament today that there is healing in gratitude. In fact, did you know there are about 1,200 chemicals that occur in our body to heal and restore it when in a state of gratitude? AMAZING!! No wonder God encourages and commands us in Philippians 4:8 to think only on the positive. We must monitor our thoughts to manage our behavior. God is good!!!
I like what you said, Arnie, of what Os Guinness said, "God didn't call you to do something, but God called you to Him." My epiphany here is that if you're asking the question of God "what is your will for me?" then, it must be that I've not yet matured to the point where I'm yet ready for the answer. As I remain prayerful and continue reading, meditating, and studying His Word, He's able to mold me into what I need to be for Him. In fact, I thought you were going to say that God didn't call us to DO something but to BE something because it's not in the doing but it's in the being. It's when we are who we need to be for Him that the doing will follow. And that, my friends, is the takeaway from today I wanted to share. Thank you very much.
I am really amaze that Nat really did a great job with this story to have three parts. I have never heard this massage teach this way before, you really took the time to study God's and put in a understandable lesson, thak you Nat.
I'm an avid reader, so, Arnie, when you mentioned your friend, Os Guinness, my ears perked up, but then you never mentioned the title of the book to which you were referring. He's authored, what, 32 books? So which one were you recommending regarding the subject of God's Will?
Yes! It’s true that God’s faithfulness is reveled although we still go through the trial. Job loss is so, so, difficult for me and I don’t have an answer.