This We Know Pt. 1 - Win the Day

This We Know Pt. 1

Air Date: 2/27/20 - Want to be more confident in your faith? Then, today’s message from Bryan Clark will be a great encouragement to you. Later, Bryan will add some special insights from 1 John Chapter 5 to help you win the day spiritually.

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2 years ago
Great message thank you for explaining that so well how we can trust God and how he loves us
2 years ago
Yes, Bryan I have this hope tell the good news to everyone.
2 years ago
That was excellent! Finally, after all these years of being a Christ follower, I get that.
It took the analogy of man trying to communicate with a dog.... trying to reason with a dog, "why we did something for his benefit". The dog just would never understand, because we are man and he is a dog.
God is supreme, God is sovereign, we are man.
Thank You Bryan!
1 reply
2 years ago
We need to spread the gospel( the good news), I do have this hope tell it to everyone.
Thank you Brain God bless yoy Brain