The Urgency of the Gospel, Part 1 - Win the Day

The Urgency of the Gospel, Part 1 

Air Date: 9/17/20 - There are no do-overs in this life, and that makes the message of the gospel extremely urgent!  Today, Pastor Nat Crawford equips you with some starting points for sharing the good news.  After the message Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join Pastor Nat with some practical and encouraging perspectives. 

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Please explain your disagreement about the man on the cross.
Thank you Pastor Nat to help us grow in Christ.
Good message and a challenge for all of Christians to share the Good News.
Pastor Nat, I am sitting here getting blessed, feeling convicted and being challenged all from this teaching. Please keep "going there". Thank you!
Yep, I went there...evangelism. What are your thoughts/feelings when the topic of evangelism comes up?