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The Unpopular Spirit


Air Date: 4/7/21 - To become spiritually fit, you need a steady diet of truth. But, where do you find truth in today’s culture? Pastor Nat points to the Holy Spirit, the ever-present truth-teller you can count on in every situation.

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Thanks for the message. I listened to this message several times. Praying to God that I will be able to share the Gospel. I'm thinking about one of my neighbors. Their names are Connie and Joe. I had invited them to church on Easter Sunday. Since we had two services Sunday, its possible they could have went to an earlier service. I haven't seen there truck so they could be gone. Always love these devotionals.
Eva, I am praying for you. Remember, God does the saving. His Word is the power. We simply get to be the conduits of His good news. So go play in your everyday ways and look for natural ways to weave in the goodness of God's grace.
Those relationships that close to us tend to be the hardest. I pray that you will have boldness with the gospel and that Tess will receive it gladly. Amen!
That is awesome, James. I pray that there will be more open doors for you and Van to discuss the good news!
Thank you pastor Nat Pray for me that I have the courage To talk to people That I am surrounded with to share the good news And to have confident and courage
Please pray for me to share the Gospel with Our daughter in law Tess
Heavenly Father we pray that your will be done. That You remind we Your children we are not "our bodies" but we are a The Spirit of You. Please Father bring Your Peace, Calm to this child to trust that You have a plan, purpose for everything even when we don't always understand. Please Bless them with Your Healing Presence to wipe out all fear but the fear of You. In Jesus name Amen
Heavenly Father I Pray You would place Your Healing Presence within David's heart, turning it from the lukewarm to a heat that opens to You. Father give him eyes to see that Your Words are the Truth and in those words he can receive more Joy than he's ever know. Father he believes in You grant him the wisdom to believe Your Word as he believes in You. For to believe in You is to believe in Your every word. Father please Bless Sarah with the courage of You to keep spreading Your word with Love and understanding. For Father we know all things are possible with You. In Jesus name Amen
Thanks Pastor Nat for pushing me out of my comfort zone and reaching out to my friends, who don't know the good news. Had my landlord, Van join me for Easter Service this past Sunday. My prayers are that the Holy Spirit will convict him and his family to see the Lord as their Savior and to give me strength to boldly tell others about Christ !
The Holy Spirit is still working with me on this,
I am praying for David. I pray that He will see your Word as truth. I pray his eyes will see Jesus clearly. I pray that he will know you through your Son. Amen!
Father, if it's your will, I pray you will heal Mike. God, we know you have a purpose for everything, so I ask that you will bring peace and comfort in this time. Amen!
Hey Roger. You got it. Father, I pray for Louise and John. I pray for both growth in the relationship with you and also healing for John. I ask this in the name of Jesus! Amen.
Thank you for not being ashamed of the gospel and fulfilling a duty as a Christian! Praying for continued growth and discipleship!
Please pray for my Brother, David. He is lukewarm. He is reading God's Word, but cannot accept that it is truly written by God . He wants to Believe it, but cannot find the Faith to Believe it. He acknowledges that he is lukewarm, and is familiar with the scripture that the lukewarm will be vomited out of God's mouth, yet he is unable to accept that it is truly God's Word. He Believes there is a God, One God, but cannot accept the Bible as His Holy Words. Thank you
Thank you Pastor Nat. I will share this message.
Pastor Nat, I have a friend that has terminal cancer and has only 5 months to live . I prayed for him in the name of Jesus and the will of the Father to be healed. Could you pray for him , his name is Mike. Thank you, God bless.
Pastor Nat, Listening to you, I feel good about everything I believe to be true on the power of the spirit. There would be much to discuss on this subject. Please pray for my wife, Louise and her brother John. Louise for drawing closer to our Lord and brother John, for comfort and healing as he is suffering. Thank you and Godspeed. Roger
Shared the gospel with friend in declining health ...praise God they were restored to faith, a prodigal come home
Thank you for sharing here and sharing with your husband! As a staff, we talked about the importance and privilege of sharing. We are glad you are part of the community!
I'm sorry, Shari. That is very hard. Alcohol, drugs, and other devices are hurting people and families. I am sorry this is part of your story right now. I pray God will break your husband so he lets go of these destructive tools. I pray he clings to your Son. Amen!
Father, I pray for Clyde Jr, Michelle, Cody, and Bryana. They've seen and heard the gospel. I pray they receive it fully. I pray for their lives to be changed by your Word. Amen!
I pray for Gretchen. I pray for salvation and growth. Whatever it takes, Father. Bring it. Amen.
A common experience. I pray your daughter will stand strong. I pray the truth of Scripture will come to mind and pull her back to God. The culture is enticing but fails to satisfy. I pay that the seeds of the gospel Creek heard will take root. Amen!
Thank you for sharing. You can post 1000 times if you feel inclined! I pray for your father. I pray that he will hear the gospel with clarity and His heart will receive it. I pray for the brokenness that sees his need for your Son. Amen!
Father, I pray for Brittney. I pray you will minister to her. I pray her eyes will be open to your truth and will receive it wholly! Amen!
Wow. Fantastic! Scattering seed and watering day by day. I am praying for this young man and his family. I pray for continued growth and movement towards God. Spirit allow them to Christ clearly and receive Him wholly!
Carol, I think there's a good many believers who need to be encouraged to grow. I pray for your friends, mine, and even me! I pray we won't grow complacent but grow with intentionality.
I am praying for your friends. I pray they will respond in favor of the gospel! Amen!
Carolyn, I experience this with some family members. They don't want to hear it. They don't want Jesus and His grace. It's sad. I continue to pray for them. The same is required for your friend. Apologist Greg Koukl reminds us that we are not meant to always aim for the home run of sharing the gospel with a "yes" response. Rather, we should expect to put a pebble in their shoe. We are called to live and speak in a way that gets people to think. When they go through their day, our interaction should stick out much like a pebble in a shoe. Good advice.
Thank you, Shane. One of the effective tools of outreach goes beyond sharing our testimony of conversion. It's sharing the testimonies of God's presence in our lives. You're sharing what Christ is doing is just that kind of outreach. I pray Jer will be open to your stories. I pray for a reception and excitement to hear more and receive the gospel. Amen!
Sharie I shall pray for your husband James Davis. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides him to want to get help. I pray that he realizes how his destructive behaviors are hurting you too. Please Lord show him the way. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen 🙏
I shared with my husband David. We are reading together. He’s always receptive but quiet. Goes off and digests. Sweet man.
Amen on this. I try to reach my husband from his destructive he has. It's booze, now it's drugs. He is very mean to me. Could everybody pray for James Davis from his destructive he does to his body. He believes in God. But loves the high. Please help me with this. Please in the name of Jesus. Thank you so much. The surgery he had they gave him pain pills he has become addictive to them. Please pray for this to stop. I have stopped him from drinking.
I think as parents who believe in the name of Jesus, we want our kids to find the path that leads them directly to Jesus. I have been praying for my children, Clyde Jr, Michelle, Cody and Bryana for so long. I just want the touch of God to bring them to him. Thank you Jesus!!
It's never to late for God to touch your Dad. I wasn't born again until I was 57 yrs old. My prayer is that God through your prayers and words will change your dad's heart and he will see who Jesus really is. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen!!
Gretchen. The seed is planted, needs fertilizer and water. Amen
I am praying with you for Jer. I am also praying for God to give you the words to share with her.
I love seeing and hearing about the seeds that have been planted and how they are growing! I am praying for your friend to continue to see God in all of the little things and want to grow closer to Him each day!
I am praying with you for Brittney today!
I am praying with you for your dad will reach out and grab the hand of Jesus today!
Please pray for my daughter, Taylor and her friend and roommate Creek. My daughter is a believer but has allowed the worlds influence to overshadow her life. Creek is a young person who is believing the lie of transgender and does not know the Lord. Through daily prayer and loving on them, they both came to Easter Service with us and enjoyed it! Praise the Lord the seed is planted. Join us in prayer for their spiritual lives!
I hope it’s OK that I am adding one more person here. Please pray for my dad, Daniel. I have been sharing the gospel with him for so many years and he is still pretty resistant. He is in his mid-70s so God knows he only has so much time on this earth left. Thank you. Please Holy Spirit, draw my fathers heart to Christ.
I have several loved ones in the same situation. It is very hard to watch, so I pray with you that they will listen to the loving conviction of the Holy Spirit to fully commit their hearts and lives to Jesus , I pray this for your friends and family and for my loved ones as well! In Jesus name amen.
Please pray for my daughter Brittney.
I am super excited because God has answered our prayer for a young friend in our lives. But there is still Holy Spirit work to happen and we are asking for prayer for this family. We have been praying for them for sometime, Well guess what, the young man started going to church with my friend. And when I talk to him, I tell him about Jesus and plant those seeds. The Holy Spirit is at work and he is learning. I was able to help him understand what Easter is about this year. We are praying his parents will start going to church with him. Please continue to pray for this young man and his family! I love this because God literally used His Church, as in us, His people. My friend and I don’t even go to the same church but God grew the seeds we planted and is growing this young mans faith. It’s beautiful to see the Holy Spirit at work and it’s amazing how surprised we are when he answers our prayers.
please pray for my friends who needs to be stronger believers of our savior jesus christ.
Pray for my friends who are believers but they fail to fully commit their lives to Christ
To live is! "In Christ", To die to self is gain. Yes! But oh yes, when i tell you it's a wrestling match going on in my life. I mean it's a wrestling match going on. Praise be to Yashua. Lord of lords. I by moment by moment lean on his living word.
Shane I am praying for your friend Jer. I also hope that you can have continued conversations with her!
I didn't do this today, but last week I was texting my friend/acquaintance Karen about how on Holy Thursday night I couldn't wait to get home from church because I (could eat chips)!! I knew she'd ask what I was talking about... So I briefly told her about Lent and how (Catholics, I don't know about other communities, give up something)... and that the "fast" ends directly after Holy Thursday Mass. I tried sharing with her a little about Holy Week, so she would understand why Easter is so important to Christians. She accepts the fact that I truly believe and live out my Faith... but she just wasn't having any of it. I had to tread lightly with even that conversation... It's very sad to me and incomprehensible that people can have absolutely zero faith.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Pray for my friend Jer. She needs Jesus. I will be having lunch with her in near future and I plan to share with her how Jesus is working in my life. Pray that can open a door for continued conversations about the Lord.
Amen 🙏🏽
The role of the Holy Spirit is necessary. He helpeth us in all out infirmities.