The Unexpected Champion (David) - Part 3 - Win the Day

The Unexpected Champion (David) - Part 3

Air Date: 5/4/20 - God-sized giants require God-sized solutions!  With that in mind, Bible Teacher Nat Crawford helps you size up the giants in your life, in light of God’s conquering power.  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney will join in for candid conversation about moving forward in faith, despite your challenges! 

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Whatever our giants, God can do everything. wideth God size problems.
Thank you a great message I have a lot of things that I need to work on reading more and just put my eyes on God I feel like I struggle in every area
And that is it! We in our sin nature are unworthy! That's why it's grace. It's underserved, so it's truly amazing grace. By grace we become His children. And all we receive from our heavenly Father is still grace. Why would anyone not want a father like Him?
Thank you for the encouragement! When our eyes are glued on the giants, God can seem pretty small. So, when we develop a heart for God, we will find it harder to take our eyes off of our King!
For me, it's the head. The head is easier to develop than the heart. However, as an executive coach, I recognize that thinking impacts our beliefs which impacts our behaviors. So what we dwell on (head) will impact our beliefs (heart) and that will drive our behavior (will).
What's easier to develop? The head, the heart, or the will? How are these three connected?
God's power is unlimited and I never doubt his ability to solve any problem however I always doubt my worthiness of his grace and love.
Thank you for your teaching today. It is true that we should always turn to God in the first instance as He really is in charge of all outcomes. COVID-19 is surely a giant, like a large cloud looming over God’s creation but we should be praying unceasingly to our Creator rather turning to the giant and giving it the pleasure of our worries and fears. I look forward to tomorrow’s teaching Nat. Good job!!!!!