The Unexpected Champion (David) - Part 2 - Win the Day

The Unexpected Champion (David) - Part 2

Air Date: 05/01/20 - What do you do with a giant who is too big to hide and too strong to knock down?  Tactics is the answer.  Back to the Bible Apologist Nat Crawford shares the strategies of choosing faith over fear to overcome your giants.  Arnie and Cara will be on hand as well for a discussion that will help you move forward in faith and advance the message of Christ!  

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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When I heard I like the battle from my beloved commentators I thought of Job and wondered how much so he might felt so at we all have be tested surely or sorely. I know they were speaking quite innocently and vulnerabily and yet I could never say I like the battle. Maybe search and know whether there e any wicked things in me LORD but like the battle no not yet. I love you guys I’m learning from you ❤️🙏🏾
I have faith, faith in God, fear is the gait I face on a daily basis.
Hi I appreciate the message very much I have a couple of giants in my life that I need to overcome with God's help I will overcome them thank you for the message
Our spiritual well-being and status are deeply intimate, but when asked with sincerity from a brother or sister in Christ, it is a good question to wrestle with!
That's a big question and one we all wrestle with!
Motive is always an important piece of asking questions. I think some people want to know because they care and other times it's for reasons I won't understand. I leave those circumstances to God. Thanks for sharing!
I like that, "How are you doing spiritually"? They seems soo simple; yet, soo sensitive. More often than not, I lack tact. Thank You!
How do you truly let go and move on? When you are so angry at the wrongs done to you on a repeated bases and sometimes the same wrong?
Interesting question because there must be something in my past that causes me to be suspicious of personal questions. When I found out I had cancer, I wanted it kept a secret from others because I didn't want anyone to ask me questions. So I've since figured out a way to respond when I'm asked a question I don't want to answer but at the same time don't want to offend by asking either "And why do you want to know?" or "And how do you plan to use the information if I answer your question?"
One of the best questions I was asked and continue to ask now is "What is it I desire to accomplish and why?" both are essential. Without "what", you don't know where you are going. Without a "why" you don't have a reason to get moving.
The best question asked was yesterday. Are we at the end times. Basically discussed and decided it’s birth pains.
Pastor Nat here! What is the best question you've been asked? How did it help you?