The Unexpected Champion (David) - Part 1 - Win the Day

The Unexpected Champion (David) - Part 1

Air Date: 04/30/20 - What is it that’s defeating you today?  Job loss?  Health issues?  Loneliness?  In this episode of Back to the Bible, Nat Crawford takes a look at a literal Goliath and compares him to the giants that lurk in each of our lives! How do you do battle in the face of these very real problems, and where do you find the strength?  He’ll cover those points with discussion partners Cara Whitney and Arnie Cole.   

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford  

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Carol - thanks for the kind words & letting us know how we can be praying for you!
God cares what is inside, he works from inside out.
Hi thank you for the great message talkin about the big giant I looked into my life and mine is just like Cara thank you so much for sharing you are personally stories you are my people that I look up to I am so thankful for back to the Bible
Thank to back to the Bible. I am so glad that my Pastor Roly told me about this website. I look forward each day to get to back to the Bible. I love the spiritual lift each morning. Then in the afternoon I look forward for daily bible teaching. I have a big giant it’s the fear to witness to the loss. I know God wants us to share with people. But this fear of talking to people I don’t know it very hard for me. I had a hard time in school I had hard time making friends in school I had fear talking in front of a class. I can talk to my family. I can do things for people I just have a hard time talking to people. I love to Seaver people. Please pray that I will overcome this fear of talking to people about my Jesus.
Enjoyed the Bible Study today. I'm thankful for the many studies that Back to the Bible and the Go Tandem app have.
Feel like I’m that person sitting on the sidelines drinking that Diet Coke.