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The Sweetest Words

Air Date: 1/13/21 - “But God” – two of the sweetest words ever spoken.  Today Pastor Nat looks at the fact that our lives would be without hope, BUT GOD intervened even though we were dead in our sins and gave us life when He raised Christ from the dead. Good news in the sweetest of words.

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Thanks, Joey. I do appreciate your daily posts. You are putting a lot of thought into your walk with God. Thank you for the encouragement. Let's keep studying together! Soli Deo Gloria!
But God...Amen
Thank you I needed that exactly just now. But God
But God We Glorify your name for making us whole again through Jesus Christ who chose us through You Father. Father I believe sometimes many of we your children forget that we are "one" within You alone. That Father you created us in many different shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, speaking different languages. So that we would as You command Love one another as You so Love us. That in being "one" it is The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ that makes us we who accept Jesus into our hearts "one" family. Father I believe You did so to teach us we are not different but the same. Again Father please forgive us as we sometimes forget we all share and "Bleed" The Previous Blood of Jesus Christ. Though we have different last names we all have the same name, child of Jesus Christ who made us of His image to again Love as He Loved and Loves us. Oh God How Great are Thy Mercy's and Grace. We bow down before only You in Jesus Mighty name Amen PS Thank You Pastor Nat for being a coach of the only thing that matters But God!
Thank you Pastor Nat for sharing this as we all going to the most troubled times in this country than ever before. God is witrh us all the time.
Great words But God!!
But God! Thank you for the powerful analogy.
I need it every morning!
God's Word is powerful! What God has done for us is amazing grace, John. God bless!
Wow! Very powerful Pastor Nat, thank you very much, brought me to tears, may God richly bless your ministry.
Wonderful message truly needed to hear it thank you
Thank You Pastor Nat, needed to be reminded of this today! Yes, they are the "sweetest words" indeed!!
Thank you for this message!
Thank you pastor nat I need to hear this today Thank you Lord for loving me
But God...Amen.
Wow. I have been saved for 33 years and I needed that this morning. Thank you
Thanks. Amen But God