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The Self-Control Dilemma

Air Date: 12/07/20 - Do you have a love-hate relationship with self-control? You love it when it works, but you hate the discipline it requires? Join the club! Today Pastor Nat addresses this dilemma with the hope offered in God’s Word. Discover the true value of self-control for yourself, and for the glory of God!

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Thank you for your responses to my note. I know that God has always carried me in my trials and blessed me greatly. I absolutely acknowledge that! I appreciate these daily opportunities to be reminded that God always loves me and that He can bring good out of any trial. Please pray for to turn to Him in every situation for His perfect love and grace.
I was 238 and now 207 but was 200 recently with intermittent fasting which got me there. Been lifting which muscle does put on weight but it's not fat weight. Due to the weight lifting I have to make sure I eat more for protein & nutrients or u wont get muscle growth so I don't starve myself as much now. As we all get older it's important to get ourselves into shape I'm 53 glad to hear you're doing good w/ your health. Keep up the good fight.
I understand how you feel. I find hope in knowing I'm not alone (God is with me and others face issues as well.) I like the ideas Pastor Nat gives for defeating the dilemmas. God always has a good plan for us!
This is a great encourage, I need this today and every day.
Yes, it can. In 1999 I weighed 242 and worse a size 42 jeans. That was a hard reality, but accepting this helped me begin moving in the right direction. By God's grace, I was able to lose the weight and keep it off. I've fallen on the wagon a few times, but God has put people in my life to get me back on. God bless!
Thanks for the feedback. We never diminish the pain and the trouble we go through. We by no means provide nor endorse a "suck it up" posture. James said, "Consider it pure joy when you experience trials." He used "trials" intentionally. They are trials and God recognizes this. So God does not diminish this reality. And in the midst of the trials, we can trust God and have "the peace that passes all understanding." God bless!
To God be the Glory father please help us all may God bless you for this teachings amen
Prayer has always been a big help to me. I will keep you in my prayers. Im sorry you have so much pain in your life. I do believe God is bigger than our problems, and He will help you through this.
Being very honest here, when someone says, "Guess what, you are not alone in your pain", or "join the club", that does not do a whole lot to make me feel better. While I already know that I am not the only one struggling with one issue or another, those two particular statements, in the midst of a problem, makes me feel like I am being told, "suck it up, buttercup!" That does not feel very Christlike, loving, or caring to me.
Amen, self control can be hard to do especially when the wife makes peanut butter cookies and I'm working on losing body fat. But I set some boundaries and she placed most of them in the freezer & I only ate 3.
Lord, I pray for your help. Amen.
Thank you for this message that is greatly appreciated.
Thank you Pastor Nat. The end is I must ask God, self control is my strungle. God help me. Amen
Thanks. I needed this right now this morning.