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The Secret to Spiritual Growth

Air Date: 1/8/21 - What does it take to grow spiritually?  Pastor Nat shares that one of the secrets to spiritual growth is asking God for spiritual wisdom and insight.  Make prayer one of the first things you do for yourself and others, and you will see results! 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Amen I need u spiritually Lord please help me
Amen. I need to start praying more for Gods wisdom before I do my daily reading of the bible.
Thank you pastor nat Lord Help me grow in maturity wisdom I pray and Jesus name Amen
Be in ptayer for the Spiritual growth.
Amen indeed. Prays always.
Me too. God's Word is timely and applicable!
Thank you Pastor for helping to focus on putting prayer first.
Thank you Pastor.
Thank you Pastor Nat. I am encouraged today to be more intentional in seeking God's spiritual wisdom and insight for my spiritual growth!
Thank you for reminding me that we don't do this in our own strength, we ask God and he helps us!
I needed to hear this exactly at this moment today. God is so good. Amen.
Great advice for us to grow and mature in the Lord. Thank you so much for this information. GOD BLESS YOU.
Inviting God in should be first in all we do, but individuality is a hard habit to shed.
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, we need to keep our faith and keep on growing, may all of us open our hearts, eyes and ears to hear what our God has promised, in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!
Thank you for this excellent reminder Pastor Nat. I must always start with prayer to unlock what God wants to show and grow in me. Give thanks to close. Amen
AMEN 🙌 🙏