The Secret to Effective Prayer, Part 2 - Win the Day

The Secret to Effective Prayer, Part 2

Air Date: 9/9/20 - God is faithful to His people through their prayers.  Today, Pastor Nat shares effective biblical principles to help you with your prayer life.   Later Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole and Author Cara Whitney join Pastor Nat to add insight to help you move forward in faith.   

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Its all about getting back to talking to God.
Let's all do it now!!! for your donations
Thank you a wonderful message God bless you
I lost my job because of seizures after working 20 years. I asked the lord for help and ended up with disability and lost everything. But I asked God to help me find a apartment and someone to share it with. That night i was called and had apartment the next day. I thanked God but continued to ask him to meet someone and 6 months later I met a women who moved in next to me. She had become disabled because of breast cancer in the fourth stage but she lived threw it. She became cancer free but lost use of her ability to take care of herself. I have been helping her but one day she said to me, you dont have epilepsy you have low blood sugar levels. We talked to the Doctor and they said it was true. I have to eat 6 small meals a day and now am abled to drive. The only problem is the seizure medicines I took has caused problems with my nerves and legs. I found out i also have spinal stenosis of the back but pray daily he will help me with this also, so I can take care of her. If it had not been for God i wont be where i am now. Thanks for making realize what God has done for both of us. We now have a new vechicle to take us where we need and I thank God he gave it to us. I had my friend in Florida who is a pastor came to Maine so he could baptise me. It has been better ever since. I now love listening to gospel music and reading about the bible and listen to your bible readings daily.
Pastor Nat here. I'm curious when did God answer your prayer in a way that surprised you and blessed you beyond what you experienced?