The Secret to Effective Prayer, Part 1 - Win the Day

The Secret to Effective Prayer, Part 1

Air Date: 9/8/20 - Prayer doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are some essential ingredients that make your prayer life effective, and that’s what Pastor Nat Crawford talks about in today’s message.  Later, he’s joined by Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney for encouraging discussion and practical take home points.   

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Thank you . Very well said according to scriptures
Good messages. I'm enjoying them. Consider this - I believe prayer changes God's mind in terms of the timing of events. E.g. Hezekiah was scheduled to die. He prayed for healing. God added 15 years to his life
That is an amazing victory 😋
Thank you wonderful message
In the throes of an addiction, I half heartedly prayed for release...what I wanted was , release from the repercussions I was starting to face....yet God allowed the repercussions to intensify...loss of property , friends, family and any self respect I had left....and yes, He Delivered me...He ran to embrace me and went beyond restoring me towhere I had been, to Restoration with Himself ...white robe and solid footing...scandoulous Grace !!!....answered prayer aligned (grudgingly) with His will... Thank-you for the courage to teach the truth !!
As Christ followers, should pray every day so that show God that we are grateful for his bound-ty he has given us.
Wow, Mary! Thank you for sharing! I too praise God for His answered prayer! Awesome!
I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2008. It returned in 12/2012; this time stage four. In 8/2013 I was told that the cancer was in remission and it is still in remission today. Praise God for answering prayers.
Pastor Nat here. I trust your long weekend was enjoyable. Today we're talking about prayer. I'd love to hear one of your answered prayers...