The Risen Jesus: An Interview with Michael Licona Part 2 - Win the Day

The Risen Jesus: An Interview with Michael Licona Part 2

Air Date: 10/30/20 -Pastor Nat Crawford continues his interview with author and associate professor of theology, Dr. Michael Licona.  Today they discuss the reality and relevance of the resurrection, and why it’s so important to ask questions about your faith.

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Enjoying listening to the message.
Great message I love to hear that other people have questions as well I thought I was the only one thank you
Thanks for the message, insight and encouragement at this time everything is going chaos.
Thanks for the message.
Thanks Pastor Nat for sharing this interview today, it gave clarity and understanding to some questions I too had. As I listened and meditated, I was filled with inexplicable joy at what Jesus did for me at Calvary. I still can't fathom how He could love a sinner (saved by grace) like me to die for...O what awesome love!! But I am glad He did and is rejoicing in His free gift of salvation to me. I do have trials and pain in my life, but this can't steal my joy. There are still things my feeble mind cannot comprehend, and it doesn't matter. I trust Him, and all will be revealed when I see Him face to face! My hearts desire is that ALL will come to saving grace in Jesus!