The Place of Salvation Pt. 1  - Win the Day

The Place of Salvation Pt. 1

Air Date: 4/7/20 - When was the last time you had an “a-ha” moment? Today on Back to the Bible, Bryan Clark talks about those life-transforming moments and the need to trust God, regardless of your situation! Later he’ll be joined in-studio by apologist Nat Crawford for a conversation that will help you move forward in faith!

Back to the Bible Presents: Bryan Clark

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2 years ago
When I had my a-ha moment when both of my grandmothers died in the same year; the first grandmother past (died) 4 days after her 97th birthday, 51/2 months late.r the other grandma died.
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2 years ago
My a-ha moment was very similar to yours. My husband and I moved into my in-laws home; to care for my mother in law after she had a stroke. My father In law died in Dec. 2015 and 6 weeks later my mother inlaw died in her hospital bed in the living room. It was so hard to see her health decline.
2 years ago
Brine love the teaching and how you point out how we can trust God and how we live in fear so often