The Old vs. New Battle - Win the Day


The Old vs. New Battle


Air Date: 9/13/21 - Why do Christians struggle with sin? Is there a way to overcome this battle? Join Pastor Nat as he answers these common struggles.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a month ago
9 months ago
Turning from social media towards Christ centered platforms like back to the bible! Needing prayer for strength and stronger roots in Christ.
9 months ago
Thank you.
9 months ago
Christians are struggling with sin mostly because they are taught not to repent . See repentance is given through the Holy Spirit. These people simply confess and not repent. And that confessions lead to all confusions. Simply confessions without repentance gives no result.

And they try to bring the righteous to repentance which is a big mistake. See Jesus 'does not call the righteous to repentance but the sinners'.
9 months ago
Correction, forgive me.
Be more mindful of what the Lord has given me to manage.
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