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The New Capital City


Air Date: 10/25/21 - Sometimes, things in the Bible are hard to grasp or even desire. But God’s best is truly the best, even when hard to imagine. Join pastor Nat as he looks forward to our new capital city.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
thank you
8 months ago
Heavenly father please continue to guide me throught your words which help me to celebrate in your birth at this time of year.
8 months ago
Thank God for this celebration
8 months ago
Lord Jesus, thank You very much for going away to prepare a place for us, that where You are, there we may be also. Lord, I want to be a resident of Your city at the time appointed. Because You shed Your precious blood for me, I am now cleansed from my sin and I have been welcomed to be a tenant in the New Jerusalem. Thank You, Lord.
8 months ago
I don’t like to be a spoiled sport but there is something just don’t sound Right. It is written that money is the root of all evil, it is also written that it is easy for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into the kingdom of God. Yet the description of heaven written in revelation is base on personal greed of wealth. Why would God temp you with a vision of untold riches. If you want to see a city of untold riches all you have to go to the city here on earth known as Dubai. All the precious metals and gemstones in heaven has no Significant value, the only thing that has value is your Eternal immortal soul, nothing else has value. To think otherwise is just a deception of your personal view of what you envision heaven to be. Should it matter if you get to heaven and all you see are muddy streets and building that looks 100 thousands years old. You are in heaven you are living with the Father who created all things. Remember his son was a wood Carpenter who asked his disciples to give up everything and follow him and he would make them fisher of men. Are we really want to take the Racist Hatred of the social order that have divided us here on earth to heaven, are we willing to corrupt heaven with these very views, then why even want to go to a better place just to take the Hell here on earth just to create the same Hell in Heaven. We want a better tomorrow no take today into tomorrow, but this is the very path we on unless we set the sin we have created here on earth and leave it at the door before we even think about spending thousand years in the Glory of Heaven. Which get back to: “Do Unto To Others As You Have Them Do Unto You.”
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8 months ago ( updated 8 months ago )
You ask “why would God temp anyone “ . The book of James teaches us that God does not tempt anyone but that we are tempted by our own lust .
I’m no authority by any means , so when I read this passage I get the impression the image described is so we see the picture of how valuable we are to him These things just don’t compare to his love for us. May the lord bless you
8 months ago
Good morning. Have you read Revelation with us? These are God's Word's describing the new Jerusalem. God wants us to know that He is the giver of all good things (James 1:17). God's grace has no end. He's not promising health, wealth, and a full head of hair in this life. In fact, He promises the opposite. It will be hardship and persecution. And in eternity it will be paradise forever. Not the kind the Koran teaches either. I encourage you to take time to read Revelation 21-22 for yourself and see what God has revealed. God bless, friend!
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