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The Narrow Gate


Air Date: 12/13/21 - God’s way is often not the easy way, yet it is the best way, even when times are tough.  In today’s episode, Pastor Dan Coke encourages you to walk through the narrow gate as you navigate the road of life.    


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2 months ago
thank you
7 months ago
I will walk through the narrow gate as God navigate the road. Thank you Lord.
7 months ago
God's way is always the best way, amen
7 months ago
Lord Jesus, You are the Way; any other way is a dead end. Continue to enlighten my path that leads to Your presence so that I may learn of You. Keep me on the path of righteousness that is to be found only in You; help me to walk therein and find You by the help of Your Spirit.
7 months ago ( updated 7 months ago )
Great message. I will be sharing it. God bless you
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