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The Myths of Marriage 

Air Date: 6/3/20 - Why Marriage?  Our culture has answers to that question, but how do those answers stack up with what God says in His Word?  That’s what Pastor Nat Crawford covers today in his message “The Myths of Marriage”.  Cara Whitney and Arnie Cole join him later for helpful discussion and take-home points.    

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2 years ago
While being married with someone that they were living at the back door of his mother, whenever he became unhappy sdhe will there for him, she did not realize that she had driven a wedge between the married couple, and there was a lot of hurt relationship, that was me that it had happen to. Ever since I am remain single I am happy that I am.
2 years ago
Pastor Nat, thank you for this indepth study of marriage and what it entails. These guiding principles and reminders will only help to strengthen my marriage and align it with God's Word to bring Him glory! Also, thanks for clarifying the myths and bringing enlightenment.
2 years ago
What other myths of marriage have you experienced?
2 replies
2 years ago
Myth #1: marriage will fill the longing in your heart to be known physically and spiritually by your spouse.
2 years ago
Honest , teaching. Divorce usually leads to nothing but repeating continued , bad choices. Another person cant solve an abusive childhood or forge an honest relationship with God.for you. Divorce always leaves a child feeling I nsecure and usually falsely somehow responsible . Thank-you for this teaching.