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The Key to Influence


Air Date: 2/23/21 - Strive for understanding instead of being a complainer or criticizer.  This applies to any relationship, but today Pastor Nat looks closely at what it means in your role as either a parent or a child.  Let this wisdom be a key to your influence for Christ and the kingdom


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a year ago
Thank you Lord I am so grateful for The Bible help me not to abuse The Bible remind me every day to apply your word to my life
a year ago
a year ago
Wow! Thanks so much for this message Pastor Nat! I just needed this and its made my day! I am so thankful to God for always coming through during my times of need! And, Yes! The Bible is really timeless! Thank you and God Bless!
a year ago ( updated a year ago )
As we live it is through Jesus Christ alone. God has left us The only Book that provides our every need to live this beautiful life He has given us through Him alone. It is through True discernment, courage and wisdom from God that we lead with his Love. For our help comes only from The Lord. We are to raise the Blessings of our children in God's word because they do not belong to us!

This applies just as Pastor Nat said in all ways of being a child of God. Often we lash out instead of seeking first from The Lord. God's Mercy and Grace are great than our sin. It is through His Mercy and Grace we live doing all thing with His Love.
Each new day I Pray for Jesus to remove from my heart and hand into His Hands. Praying and Thanking Jesus for His True Teachings as there will never be any greater Teacher. Remember we are to live for The Lord Will not the will of this world. We should always seek to Uplift with the Love of Jesus not tear down. It is easier to Smile and uplift than to frown and tear down. When this happens it is because we are lacking the leadership of Jesus Christ. Be it our Blessings of the children He Blessed us with, our parents, neighbors, friends, families, or just knowing of someone always we should lead with His Love. Stop take a breath walk away call in prayer for God to come back with His Love and Goodness He gives us. Then go back and apply just that in any situation. For years I have Prayed as my mother simply just does not unite not just our family but in things she does. If not for The Mercy and Grace of God I would not be able to speak the truth she has lacked far to long. Even when she continues her ways I continue in Jesus ways. Thank You Pastor Nat I was ready to come back till l "listened" fully to what you said. Keep keeping on in The Lord to help Win The Day.

Jesus, I am thankful for your promises in my/our life in You. You have a plan and a purpose for everything. I know that in your perfect timing, you will complete your work. You are faithful and have good things in store for me/us. I trust you when I'm waiting because I know you are building your character and likeness in me/us this I surrender to You Lord. In Jesus Mighty name Amen 😇🙏
1 reply
a year ago
Well said, Joey!
a year ago
Thank you for this message. 🌝
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