The Joy of Authentic Christian Community - Win the Day

The Joy of Authentic Christian Community

Air Date: 2/3/20 - A life of faith is a life connected with Christ and with others! Today Bryan Clark opens the book of 1st John to show us the importance of Christian community. Later Bryan will step into the studio to talk about what that means for your life today.

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2 years ago
What Bryan has been teaching us about, we are a creature of habits , we need to be togatherness be a part of a group. Now we do not spend no quailty time with no one but ourselves.
2 years ago
Thanks for reminding me of the importance of Christian community - it can make all the difference.
2 years ago
I think this is a very important subject to raise - the authenticity of our relationships with God and with others. And the importance of giving without expecting anything in return because the change in this world starts with us. Following Jesus is a daily commitment and constant inner work.

Thank you for this teaching, Dr. Bryan - it's a great reminder to start the new week with.
2 years ago
Monday morning is always super busy, but putting everything on hold and listening this first was a good decision. Thanks Bryan! Looking forward to the next broadcast.