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The Gift of Grace

Air Date: 11/13/20 - There is no amount of prayers you need to pray, no amount of money you need to give away, and no amount of random acts of kindness that can save you. Salvation and freedom from slavery to sin come as a gift from God through Jesus Christ. Today, Pastor Nat helps you discover how to stand firm in this vital truth.  

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 years ago
I'm new here and I'm excited to watch these teachings.
I went back and checked out some previous teahhings and comments and one thing I realized is the lack of replies from the teacher. I understand life is a little crazy right now but they can't find a few minutes once or twice a week to respond to viewers questions and comments? It's actually a little sad especially when there are alot of people that offer some tremendous compliments to the teacher and yet they get absolutely no kind of response back or interaction.
I should wrap it up here because the more I write the more frustrated I am getting.
All I got to say is how unfortunate the one sidedness communications and interactions are on the comments of the videos... I wanna apologize to all those who ask questions or compliment or even just say hello to the teacher and yet nothing but crickets coming back. Shows how much "Christianity" has become nothing but a enterprise and a business. God Have Mercy On Us All!
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2 years ago
Thank you for the constructive criticism. I do take time each week to respond to questions and comments. Sometimes, I respond in a private message, so what you perceive as unresponsiveness, is actually handled privately. Additionally, sometimes, these comments come days after the teaching went live and I'm not notified of this.

Regardless, we are actively interacting with and praying for our viewers and learners. We will continue to do so.

2 years ago
Beautiful Thank you
2 years ago
Thank you Pastor Nat, thus passae is ablrssing to me.
2 years ago
God bless u
2 years ago
Great Message! Than you and God Bless! ✝️🙏🇺🇸
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