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The Eye in the Sky


Air Date: 2/12/22 - Dan Coke refers to his days as a college football player to talk about what it means to fall into self-deception. God has His eye on you. He knows everything. Let Him coach you, because just like film footage from the game, the eye in the sky doesn’t lie!


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2 months ago
5 months ago
Lord Jesus, even though You were perfect God and perfect Man, You still found it necessary to pray to Your heavenly Father. I know that I am no where remotely near to the Man you were, and so I ask You to help me to draw near to You daily as I do not deceive myself of just whom I am when I look into the mirror.
5 months ago
Father help us not be doers of thy words, but to be intents with his words and understing it to shear with our studying with others. For the eye in the sky watches our growth in him. Amen.
5 months ago
Coach me, dear ABBA GOD🙏Through Your Holy Spirit. Let me be genuine in my doings knowing that You are The EYE in the Sky staring at every detail of my moves. 🙏
5 months ago
Amen. I reflected on my selfishness. The eye in the sky helped me reflect on that truth.
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