The Diagnosis is Not Good - Win the Day

The Diagnosis is Not Good

Air Date: 3/10/21 - What’s the status of the human race? Well, the diagnosis isn’t good! However, as Pastor Nat explains, there is great hope through Christ. And for that we can praise God and win the day!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Happy belated birthday, Carolyn! God's love is amazing and His grace is overwhelming! What a gift!
None of us do it perfectly. Thankfully, our Savior's perfect record is given to us!
Yes, Praise the Lord Jesus for saving me...
Thank you Lord for saving me, but I still continue to lead a defeated life. Help me be victorious in my day-to-day living through Christ
Heaven Father, thank you for saving me and others. Who are save or who have repent their sin to Christ our lord savior. We are new creation. Amen 🙏
Thank you Jesus forsaving me, we are new creation.
Praise God!
Thank you Jesus
Carolyn Happy Birthday sister. Amen 1.5 years ago you opened your heart to Jesus. But 50 years ago Jesus gave you a "Spirit" of live. He was alive within in You the moment you took your first breath. Now he dwells within in You Alive within You because you called in Him with an open Heart to Him. Now through this journey you will never travel alone! Each new morning God's Mercy's and Grace are made New. Start you day saying Good Morning Jesus Thank You for this Blessed new day for restoring, renewing and Refreshing me as I rested in You safety all night through. Rise and say Lord please lead me in Thy Will Ways Path Light and Perfect Timing I am Yours You are mine I Pray You will Bless and teach me to become more like You and less like me. Welcome sister to this "One" Big Family that is Lead and Headed by Jesus Christ He is first then we are here to Uplift you pray with You. s Pastor Nat says to Win The Day serving Jesus and others. God Bless You and Keep You in His Will in Jesus name Amen🤗😇
Dear God, it's my 50th birthday today.. and this was a "weird" message to hear. I'm sorry I'm a sinner.... I love you so much. I'm on a journey that started 1.5 years ago to really get to know you. I've learned so much, but realize I have so much more to learn. Thank you for your grace, mercy and the gift of the Holy Spirit (that's a new one for me)... I'm trying so hard to learn to hear his voice.. You are a God of power and of Love. Thank you for saving me even though I didn't earn it. I love you and long to know you more!! 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
I second that!
Me too!
Thanks for the message.
I praise God for his infinite Mercies and may he continue to strengthen my Faith and Hope so I could serve Himm better.
Thank you God with all my praises for you. God you have saved me from everything. I thank you God. Amen.
Thank you God for the mercy and grace You have bestowed upon me and my family!
I praise God and thank him every day for the blessings that he has given me our God is good amen
My son's and I praise our God we thank him for his grace and love and goodness to us may his name be praised thank you God and may God bless you all amen
I praise God for his love for us. I praise God for his son Jesus Christ. I praise God that he saved a sinner like me.
Praise God for His mercies new every day. Since salvation, it is evident in so many ways that God's Holy Spirit changes us. Amazing Grace. Instead of looking at the troubles of the world we can focus on the work that the Lord is doing in our daily lives. All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus for saving us.
Glory to our Lord Jesus and praises from our hearts. We lift up our spiritual voices with Praise to our Heavenly Father. We love and worship You!! Hallelujah!!
Amen and amen!
I am grateful and praise God for His Word and for sending us His son, Jesus Christ. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!
Hallelujah! God saved me from destructive decisions and a morbid mindset. Through Jesus, He redeemed me to a life worth living so I can share His goodness with others. The Holy Spirit guides me daily. The active presence of the Holy Trinity in my life supercedes the dismal diagnosis. This is available to everyone. All glory goes to God!!
Thank you Pastor Nat for helping to center me today and every day. And thank You, Jesus, for the gift of Your salvation. I don’t have to earn or be worthy of it. You gave this immeasurable gift just because you love me that much.
Thank you Pastor Nat for this powerful message. It is so refreshing and worthy my praise to God. He sent His son to rescue me. Thus I am a new creation and all He wants from me is a relationship based on love. What A good father we have. I must just bask in His love. This acceptance does not mean I do not suffer or face any problems, pain, challenges in life, far from it. I can put my hope and trust in the one who loves and is continually rescuing me. My God is amazing. I Jane have endured and continue to endure in my present life but I just love this assurance that I was rescued from total obliteration. Thank you Jesus for the freedom given freely. Amen.