The Diagnosis is Not Good - Win the Day


The Diagnosis is Not Good

Air Date: 3/10/21 - What’s the status of the human race? Well, the diagnosis isn’t good! However, as Pastor Nat explains, there is great hope through Christ. And for that we can praise God and win the day!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a year ago
Yes, Praise the Lord Jesus for saving me...
a year ago
Thank you Lord for saving me, but I still continue to lead a defeated life. Help me be victorious in my day-to-day living through Christ
1 reply
a year ago
None of us do it perfectly. Thankfully, our Savior's perfect record is given to us!
a year ago
Heaven Father, thank you for saving me and others. Who are save or who have repent their sin to Christ our lord savior. We are new creation. Amen 🙏
a year ago
Thank you Jesus forsaving me, we are new creation.
a year ago
Praise God!
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