The Body of Christ, Part 1 

Air Date: 6/29/20 - Your spiritual family matters to you and God! Pastor and Bible Teacher Nat Crawford takes you into scripture for a family portrait of the body of Christ. Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole and Author Cara Whitney join Pastor Nat to share some practical ways to invite others into the family.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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I like this teaching, it help me when I read the bible.
Thanks for sharing Lorrett. I think for many of us family brings up mixed emotions...even our spiritual family.
I have great joy around my spiritual family.
This was my introduction to your daily bible teaching, and I was so pleased to hear the comments shared by the three of you. It is always uplifting to hear what others are doing and/or facing in their walk with Yashua. Personally I have found over my life that asking Him to put people in my path has given me many opportunities to share my faith, even before I retired. He would plunk people down in the chair in my office and they would not know why they were there, but I knew. Sometimes I had to chuckle because they would be so bewildered. Praise Him!
Happy Monday! What hope and joy does being part of God's spiritual family bring you?
Pastor Nat, thanks for today encouragement on Family. For me 'family' brings mixed emotions: childhood, adulthood, happiness, joy, laughter, love, sadness, pain etc. My Spiritual family is very important! We are all one in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour, Who died for all our sins. We are loved unconditionally, bought with a price, living in community in service to God and each other. We look forward in hope to spend eternity with Him forever! For now we keep pressing on toward the mark/goal!
When I think about family, I know that there are the good apples and the bad apples. I think today, the conservative Christians don't want to accept the liberal Christians, and vice-versa. I think this is one reason why the church struggles today.