The Benefit of Community - Win the Day


The Benefit of Community


Air Date: 1/25/22 - Is life better alone or in community? Can you live a successful life by yourself or is there something better? Join Pastor Nat as he continues to explore biblical community.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 months ago
Heavenly father grand us peace among us to reflected on being a community to benifit each others, help us to draw closer in caring for each other such as praying in togetherness. Amen.
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, I am so thankful that You have placed me into Your family of faith. Thank You for surrounding me with people whom You have chosen to play a part in my development. But most of all, I thank You for Your blood which You shed for us, the believers who are the called according to our faith.
4 months ago
4 months ago
I have been for several weeks helping a member of church get to the grocery store. He is living with his 95 year old mother. She has a pacemaker and both of them are on blood thinners and blood pressure medication. At my age of 74, I'm glad I can still walk and drive.
Thank you for this message today Pastor Nat.
4 months ago
This is true with companionship with anyone. We are The Church as God has made us His. We should always help not just our neighbors but those in need in anyway, shape or form.

Pastor Nat yes everyone here appreciates your Win The Day and Daily Devotional. For you give the message as you receive and believe it, though we may not agree with you. It does not lessen the Love that comes from your heart for Jesus Christ. Then again sharing yourself, family and what you believe. Pastor Nat you are appreciated though you should already know that😉 for those who uplift in The Lord Jesus Christ; can receive no great richness than from Jesus Christ.

I will respond to your email as well as I did to your reply to my post. Blessings upon You and your family in Jesus name who set us all free Amen
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