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Air Date: 12/02/20 - You are being targeted by the enemy to lash out at your frustrations and problems. But today, before you hit your anger button, listen to what Pastor Nat shares about the injustices David faced, and how he looked to God’s power and example to deal with them!  

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2 years ago
2 years ago

Father in Heaven as I stand upon the rock that is your building block of Life. Looking around and notices that all of land around that rock is sinking sand. Knowing that one wrong step and I will just sink into the sand. Father in Heaven I know if I stray away form your love then life isn't worth living. You have been so good to me not only in the good time also in the bad. Watching that ever step I take that I step on solid ground. I know it been hard for you to work with me cause I have very much been a difficult and have made your job hard. Yet you not once left my side. Sometime it seem like I was standing along but you was always there give me advise trying to get me to walk the straight and narrow path to rightness. And for that I thank you. Father I know now that some of the things that you told me to do of the things around me should be, even though it might not be what I want to hear. But you told me any way and I know that the words you have are the words of wisdom. The words that will make me a better person.
My heart is full of your joy and happiness that you have giving me by just knowing your name. Knowing that you gave your son and let him die upon the cross to save us all of our sins. Sins that we each day still comments directly or indirectly but you are there to forgive us only if we take the time to pray to for forgiveness. Yet most us just don't reality that it’s your love and support that keep us going after we comment these sins. Still we just don't take the time to kneel down with the love and joy that you gave us to say, "Father for give me of my sins that I have commented directly or indirectly. For Father I am your earthly child and cause of this I do make mistakes. Therefore I need your forgiveness each and every day of my life."
Father as I look into the Heavenly sky knowing that you are out there somewhere, a warm feeling comes over me. Then I know that you have shined your light to let me know that the good work I have done have been accepted in your sight and you have said "Well Done." But in my heart to me is still not enough cause what you have done for me over the years cannot be repaid. For I cannot put a price to all the things that you done and given me over the years. So my heart will always have that one spot that I know that I have still not done enough to ever repay you. Known that this spot is there makes me try harder to walk that straight and narrow path to rightness.
Father I hope that some day I can kneel down at your feet and tell you that I am not worthier of your love. But I want to say thank for been there and helping me every step of the way. Cause without your love I would not have made it this far. As I look up in to your face I hope to see that you know that I tried hard to be truly you child, and hope that you know that I should be able to enter into your kingdom of glory.
Father as I sat here typing out this prayer I ask you to "PLEASE TEACH ME HOW TO PRAY." You and only you can teach and give me the right words to say.
Father I asked of you to guide me down that right path of rightness and to grant me a peace of mind.
Father bless my family and help and guide them so they do not stray away for the rock and end up in the pool of sinking sand. Lift their spirit upon high and let them feel the glory and the truth of your being. Let them know that you will always be with them and will never leave there side no matter if they are going through good time or bad that you will still be there.
Heavenly Father teach me to teach, so I can teach my peers the right way to follow your path to reach that stairway to the entrance of the golden door to your kingdom. Teach me to teach them your commandment and that they should follow and obey these words. Teach me so I will be able to teach them the true meaning of life. Tell me the words to say so that Thy Children-Children will surely be the peacemakers of the world. Teach me so I'll be able to teach them to teach your good works and that your name will forever be heard throughout the universe.
Let the reading of your words give peace and love to all who obey your commandment.
Let the reading of your words be forever heard throughout ages to come.
Free the world of it transgression let us be able to live in forever peace.
Heavenly Father put food on the table of those who have not food.
Heavenly Father put a roof over the head of the homeless give them a room to protect them from the harsh weather that is to come.
Heavenly Father put shoe and clothier on those who are unable to clothier them self.
Heavenly Father watch over the sick and shut in. Let them know that they are not along. Let them know that you will guide them and protect them from all evil. But most of all Heavenly Father give me the Blessing so I can see what cannot be seen. To be able to over come the trouble and hardship that stands in my way. To be able to look up to you and say "Father I stayed the course and I kept the faith and that I did all of this in you name sake now hence forth and for evermore I pray -------------------AMEN

Michael F. Adams ®
2 years ago
This is want I need today and every day, thank you Pastor Nat. God blees you.
2 years ago
I am encouraged. Thank you, Pastor Nat.
2 years ago ( updated 2 years ago )
I angrily confronted a fellow believer, because I felt judged and was unjustly criticized by them. I should have let it go or responded in a Godly way, but I just made everything worse. I asked for God’s forgiveness and sought this persons forgiveness, but they won’t respond. Interaction with this person is still required, so I will trust God to help me act in love, even if they don’t forgive me. I will keep praying and hopefully hold my tounge the next time someone criticizes me. I don’t seem to be able to confront these issues with self control and usually react instead of responding. Conflict is never fun. God help us please. And ty for the encouragement I will meditate on David’s thoughts. God is merciful and slow to anger. Jesus help us live according to your truth.
1 reply
2 years ago
I hear this story often. And I've been the offender as well. Choosing a godly response is not easy. It's not natural. God always forgives our sins. That is important to remember. If the offended party is truly saved, they will too. It may take time, but God who works in our hearts will work in theirs. Be encouraged!
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