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That Isn’t My Job, Or Is It? 

Air Date: 1/22/21 - “That isn’t my job!”  Are you tempted to use that phrase when it comes to sharing the gospel?  Today Pastor Nat looks at the grace, power, and privilege God gives to believers to help dispel your fears about spreading His Good News.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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a year ago
We should be ready to help other people even thorough we may not know them, God will bless you for it.
a year ago
a year ago
Amen.... if only I had someone to share it with me. Trying to come closer to God myself
a year ago
Yes I will thank you family and all.
a year ago
I recently started really shareing the gospel on my social media and it's really working I've seen many more people I follow share the gospel and a person text me saying that he looks forward to looking at my stories I share about the gospel so it's definitely our job and privilege to share the gospel
1 reply
a year ago
There are many avenues to share the gospel. I'm glad you're taking the opportunity to do it online. What kind of discussion does this produce?
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