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That Isn’t My Job, Or Is It? 

Air Date: 1/22/21 - “That isn’t my job!”  Are you tempted to use that phrase when it comes to sharing the gospel?  Today Pastor Nat looks at the grace, power, and privilege God gives to believers to help dispel your fears about spreading His Good News.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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We should be ready to help other people even thorough we may not know them, God will bless you for it.
Joey, well said as always! God bless!
I've heard this many times. I think it's a common strategy to weave into our daily lives the principles of the Bible. I was at a conference where I heard a man speak on leadership and culture. After his talk, I said, "Are you a Christian? A lot of what you said sounds like principles found in the Bible." "I am. I'm a pastor as well as a consultant." What's amazing is how many secular people embraced His teaching and coaching while not knowing it was all based on the Bible. He used those everyday opportunities to scatter and water seeds of the gospel. This sounds a lot like you. Keep it up!
Thank you for the encouragement. Being a digital ministry, I often wonder who's being impacted and where. I wondered this when I was a local church pastor too. It will be neat to celebrate God's work on the other side!
Wow! Exciting! I am praying for God's blessing on your ministry!
There are many avenues to share the gospel. I'm glad you're taking the opportunity to do it online. What kind of discussion does this produce?
Amen.... if only I had someone to share it with me. Trying to come closer to God myself
Yes I will thank you family and all.
I recently started really shareing the gospel on my social media and it's really working I've seen many more people I follow share the gospel and a person text me saying that he looks forward to looking at my stories I share about the gospel so it's definitely our job and privilege to share the gospel
I started our ministry yesterday sir four pastors started ministry there teach some people bible the word of our god
Please pray for Indian ministy 23-2021 I start ministry please pray for us and encourge i se nt some ministry photos on your face book page 2cori 2:15-17
A great reminder of the word and what we are called to do, thank you Nat. God richly bless you for these insight, though you might not see the impact of this work in full on this side of earth, I pray you will be surprised on the other side of heaven. Thank you again.
Thank you
It's our privilege to share the gospel of salvation to the lost. May God give us boldness, and confidence as we follow His footprints
There is no question, Pastor Nat, that you are passionate about sharing Christ and salvation! It is refreshing to see it come out in your teaching. Maybe this will help someone who is in the same situation as me, where I would get fired if I just started to share Christ or the Gospel. I work around it by sharing the principles of the Gospel and do my best to live the Christian life in front of them. And every day is bathed in prayer. When I mess up, I quickly admit it and do whatever I have to do to make it right. It is so encouraging to see the Holy Spirit work in my co-workers - and He grows me too. I know He is working because over time the questions/comments start - What makes you so strong? Why are you always happy? You are allowed to get mad, you don't have to apologize. How did you keep your cool when XXX did that to you? and etc. When the questions start, it is an agreed upon conversation between two people. That means it is an open door, time to follow Holy Spirit's leading and share. They can't fire me if I am responding openly to questions. But, I have to watch their facial expression and body language, to not provoke.
For over 2000 year The Good News has been and will remain to be the same Good News! Jesus Christ is The same as He was then and as He will be for all eternity. We are to share God's Good New, Grace with everyone and in everything we do. For me to say this not my patient means I am not following God's Good News. Never say it's not my job because God is presenting you with an opportunity to follow His Will, Grace and Good News. Yes we are only human but made in The Perfect imagine of God. Simply when someone or something is before you as yourself what would Jesus do, I assure you not just walk away. No because we are to do all things through Christ who Strengthens us! This Win today is a win it tells you either you are following Jesus or you are not. Father in all things I do I do them with the Love of You. Please give me your Wisdom to never walk away but to see every opportunity to bring before me with eye's opened wide. Lord please Bless me when I stumble lifting me back up in Your Amazing Grace to hear You say spread My Good News in all You do. Thank You Father in Jesus name Amen
I too have a hard time. Learning to pray for those openings and see them when they appear ... I have a way to go though.
Amen and amen!
Yep. It can be too easy to take the "not my job -- not my problem" mentality, but God offers us so many great opportunities to serve Him! Thanks!
We can scatter seeds in so many ways. I find that the watering after brings a larger harvest. The follow up to the "God bless you." What do you think?
You are not alone. We all struggle with this, but the key is to "try something" and let God do the rest.
Where do you find the most receptive soil? I find it with people who I've spent time getting to know. Sometimes these gospel moments happen on the golf course, at the restaurant, or even at the barbershop.
Thanks Nat! The biggest takeaway for me today is that focusing on only “our patients” is the opposite of the gospel. You’ve challenged me to go out of my way today. 🙏🏼
The Death, Burial , and Resurrection of Jesus should be shared to everyone
We can just say God Bless you to someone. Some plant the seed, some water and GOD gives the increase.
Pastor Nat, we are blessed to be recipients of God's grace and have the awesome responsibility of sharing with those within our sphere of influence. We can't keep this precious gift to ourselves. Thank you for the sound teaching every day.
Happy Friday! What is your big takeaway from this week's messages? How can you apply it in your personal life AND in this online community?
Thank you. Why do I have a hard time doing this. It should be easy
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Thank you for the reminder!
Great reminder! I choose to stay faithful to spreading the Gospel.