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Taming the Tongue


Air Date: 3/9/22 - While humans can make horses jump fences, get bears to go through hoops, and train whales to do flips, somehow, we can’t tame the tongue! However, there is a way and that’s what Jacob Wirka talks about in today’s episode.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
4 months ago
help me Lord to control my tongue and speak healing words in Jesus name amen,
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, even in Your darkest moments on earth, Your words were never doleful or resentful, but always expressing hope and triumph. Help us to learn of You so that we may speak more like You. Teach us to resist infecting innocent lives with the poison of sinful words.
4 months ago
Our sins are sins be it with our actions or words. God alone if we confess will take all those sins by again confessing unto Him.

Thanks Jacob
Blessings Brother
4 months ago
Thanks for the message today.
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