Submission in Prayer, Part 2 - Win the Day

Submission in Prayer, Part 2

Air Date: 8/25/20 - Pastor Nat Crawford helps you discover the model and the right motives for prayer!  Later, Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole and Author Cara Whitney join Pastor Nat for a conversation that will help you move forward in faith. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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2 years ago ( updated 2 years ago )
"The Lord's Prayer" as a model, and we discovered the first petition, give us this day our daily bread" contains 5 key elements for request or God's daily provisions: #1 substance; #2Tjhe source; #3 The supplication; #4 seekers; #5The schedule
So let's look at the 5th key element of God's daily bread in our lives. This is the schedule. So often, weak and expect God to provide for our daily needs, but we're really talking about our long-term needs for health and wealth. Each day, He has promised to meet our needs, and our willingness to believe this a testimony to our true believe in Him and His ability to keep His word.
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2 years ago
Cynthia your description is a good clarification for me, thank you!
2 years ago
Is submission in prayer easy or hard for you? Why?