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Stop Trying


Air Date: 3/25/21 - Today Pastor Nat reminds us that we start this life in a “world of debt” – a sin debt that we can never repay. The good news is that Jesus already paid it in full.  How will you respond?

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Pastor Nat and Carolyn Thank You again. Yes I am strong in my relationship with Jesus yet I find myself questioning which I should not do. For I know the battle belongs to God! Trying with The Love of Jesus to Uplift our family and his children. To see their pain and then feel just aches my heart but then I remember to breath and rest at Jesus feet. Through the pain, storms, trials, chaos I'll keep breathing Trusting for each of us. Please continue to pray for the family as I can feel their doubt. My Faith is strong enough to hold them up because I know Jesus is right their beside them alive within them. I'm there to remind them to Live and not just be alive, that Jesus said come to I will give you rest. Thank You Carolyn indeed it did Bless me with Peace which I need to stay strong for them. Through Christ who gives me strength I will Rise and remind them Christ is The Joy of our Strength even in these hard times. Thank You both again there's no Power like The Power of Jesus! Even when I stumble He lifts me to remind me to keep going to Uplift the family reminding them there's nothing that Our God can not do. Just look up and feel His power poor into us. Yes moments come when I feel I'm going to break so I walk off so they don't see it, look up and say not today devil we belong to Jesus Christ! One thing I do know there is power in Prayer. May God Bless You both and keep You Uplifting in Jesus Mighty name. Thank You doesn't seem enough but I am Thankful.
Thank you for this message. I'm thankful that Jesus paid for my sins. I cannot ever repay Him for what He did for me. I just need to follow His teachings and tell others so they to can have eternal life
Carolyn, trust me, I'm with you! I constantly have to check my heart for my motives. I do perform from God's love, but can quickly do it for His love or the love of others. So hard.
Joey, thank you for the update on your brother. I pray that the pacemaker will do its job. Let us know how else we can pray for you and your family!
I am praying for you, Eva. I pray through God's power your struggles will be overcome!
You are right Shari. When we wait on Jesus we can always have faith that this will turn out as they are supposed too. And in the end when the waiting is over.. it's usually like (hmmm Jesus why was i worried in the first place?? You've had this plan all along). Brings comfort. 😇🙏💕
Joey, I am praying now that Jimmy's procedure goes well and with no complications. You really do seem like you are in a "good place" with your relationship with Jesus to get you through this. I pray you find comfort in Jesus's love for you and that whatever happens with Jimmy, believe it is God's plan. I pray you all find peace and strength through these trying times. God bless you. 💕🙏💕🙏
Eva, I pray that your struggles you are facing will soon pass and you do find strength in God's love. Remember "you will experience trials and tribulations, but do not fear for I (God) have conquered the world". May you find peace as you read this. 💕🙏😇
I grew up very religious But I have come to Real lies more and more But I still struggleI would like to ask for prayer
Without Jesus we have nothing, yes I said nothing! We are to do all things with The Love of Jesus Christ. To has he did, he does daily alive within each of we His Children. Remember when Jesus wakes us up His Mercy's and Grace are made New! I have never followed "religion" for their is but one "being a Christian" which means to accept Jesus Christ as our, your Salvation within your heart. There in building upon that relationship with Jesus not "religion". Yes many will say Jesus was Jewish that is correct but Jesus Christ, Christ meaning "Christian" is the only way to be. Again never following any religion though my Dad was Catholic, then become a Batized preacher. He told me that religion is man made, that "Christ" is God made! Meaning what I stated above. To truly Love another Love must being and end in Jesus Christ. Remember all that we do again must be done with The Love of Jesus. For we are to become more like Jesus and less like us. Amen. Carolyn looks like you and I agree. As well Carolyn, Pastor Nat and to my other brothers and sisters who prayed and are praying for Jimmy Thank you each from my heart I do. He at a young 47 is going to have a pace maker put in or at this point that's what the Dr's are telling us. No matter what comes I know that the battle belongs to God! I Trust that his Will be done. We all hurt when we see our Love ones hurting but knowing that Jesus is alive within him/us that pain I gave surrendered to Jesus. Knowing what ever happens He will not fail me/us. Thank You again for your prayer support and Love in Christ. We must remember when our family is hurting we must stop and pray for them. With Love through Jesus Christ again I Thank You.
"Stop performing FOR God's love, yet perform FROM it." This will make all the difference in your actions... Such a profound statement. It makes something so complex as (playing the religion game, so easy to understand) We can still be super active in our church, volunteer... do nice things.. but rather than keeping score., we do it out of Love for God. Since he saved us with his grace. And because we don't need to earn his love.. we can sleep a little more rather than checking off a bunch of devotionals and feeling guilty if one day we just couldn't do them all. I mean reading devotionals is supposed to help us grow closer to God, and not just be a duty. I definitely struggle with this. Am I spending enough time in prayer? Am I even praying correctly??? Seriously it's crazy. But this one sentence is so profound... stop preforming FOR God's love, but FROM it. I actually wrote something like this earlier today, thought it posted. I wanted to engender l to remember that sentence so I got back on to look.. and my post was gone.. so I quickly tried to get out my original thoughts again.. so I can review them later. Now I'm going to rest in God's grace. Bless you all.
Thank you Pastor Nat for this teaching, a golden reminder. Whatever I often ask myself, is this a performsncr or just coming from loving God. I do not like religion.. I am done with religion it is hard work. I would rather rest in Jesus.. Amen.
Thank you Jesus.
It is the great gift and responsibility of grace. Great as it is free. No way to lose that gift of salvation. And there is a reward and a plan for us to do good works. Thankfully, when we fail, He is there to pick us up. And he celebrates us every step we make.
Thank you Jesus to take my place of the sin offering for good and saving me for the enternal life, thank yhou, Amejn.
Amen Thank you Jesus, I wait for you to help me because you always do. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Thank you! This was so good. Recently I was speaking to a friend who is made to feel guilty by others when she doesn’t perform religiously according to their perception. I reminded her of His grace, our salvation and that He sees our heart. So many are still bonded by religious acts. We think God will be meet us and do an accounting of all these acts. God doesn’t want sacrifice he wants obedience, our love and a relationship. We don’t need to feel guilty because one day we didn’t make it to church or weren’t able to spend one hour in prayer. When your relationship is strong these things don’t interfere. Just like with a good friend, they understand if you don’t talk for a few days or have to cancel a plan. The love and relationship is strong.
You are right. We as people keep the score. Love doesn't keep score! Now, it is important to remember that though our behavior doesn't change God's love for us, our actions count towards our eternal rewards. But as we've been saying we don't do them for his love or in this case for the rewards. They are the byproduct of a life well-lived for the King!
We sometimes think Jesus is keeping "score" but it's us who are keeping score and measuring others to see if they're "doing or attending" as much as someone else. I've had people tell me how many worship services someone has missed. I thought, "huh?" Why would anyone keep track of that? Jesus doesn't! It's all about what He did not what we do!
Thank you Jesus for making me whole.
Marilyn, you are not alone. I do the same thing. Often times we are doing it out of love, but other times we fall back into our old habits. If you missed our Galatians series, you may want to check it out. This theme was covered a lot in it.
Perhaps it's an internet issue? I hope it is resolved.
Me too! Yes, what motivates our actions does matter to God. I pray our motives are right as we seek to live a life pleasing to God and reflective of our freedom He provides!
Meaning Faith ❣️
Thank you Pastor Nat, it's what is in you not what is outside of you and all the works even the small things are blessed by our Lord Jesus 🙏.
Sometimes through guilt we are motivated to do good works to feel better about ourselves. We continually need to pray and seek God's guidance on His will in our decisions and actions. Praise God for Win the Day. Needing these messages every day.
The video tape is stopping and starting
Oh my. I never thought of it that way. I have been playing the game of religion. I was trying to earn God's love. I get so confused at times. I repent and repent, but continue to feel unworthy, so I try to do things that would win God's approval. I just need to sit in His love and remember why Jesus was on the cross. Thanks Pastor Nat. This was very insightful.
Thank you for your honesty. I too have served out of obligation or out of the performance trap. Trying to please others to increase my stock. The serving was good, but the heart was bad.
Thank you for sharing. I think many of us, myself included, drift into the religion game. We coast accidentally into legalism. The issue is the heart. Why are we doing what we're doing? For acceptance? Salvation? Love? Or are we doing it out of love? Out of gratefulness? In the power of the Spirit? These are important differentiators.
Mine too. At times feel like a statue trapped in a rock that God is slowly chipping away the impurities. Thankfully, He won't stop until the job is done.
Wow, Barb. Thanks for sharing. We all struggle with trying to win the approval of others. It is prevalent at the workplace, at home, in the culture, etc. It's a horrible game. Thankfully, we do have a Father who says, "I love you no matter what." That is good news for today!
Amen Praise the Lord!
I want to perform from God's Love. To be a human being, not a human doing as they say.
I have played the game and probably still do. Serving in a ministry while the whole time I don’t enjoy or like doing it. Just to say that I’m serving in church Nat
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Barb that was beautiful. I can relate to so much of what you're saying. It's hard when one is a " people pleaser" to actually realize that God already loves us. We don't have to do anything acept to let him love us. We can rest in his grace. May you have a peaceful day. 💕
I know I'm probably playing the religious game not knowing the way to go but after listening to win the day this morning I realized that I need to resti in God's grace. So I'll be seeking way's to do that. I know Jesus died for our sins to make us right with GOD. I need to follow the commandments to keep myself right I need help in PRAYER. Thanks LOVE YOU.
God is changing my life
I spent my life trying to earn approval, believing that I wasn’t enough: smart enough, pretty enough, popular enough for others to love me. When I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, He told me I was enough: enough to die for because God loved me - wretched sinner that I was. And for awhile, a few years, I lived in that playing at religion life. But then the Holy Spirit began to work on my heart, and lo these many years later I know I’m loved and so I CAN love others with God’s love and to His glory.