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Stop the Fighting 


Air Date: 6/18/21 - An offense is taken.  Bickering starts. Division commences!  Where does it start, and how does it end?  Pastor Nat points to how the Apostle Paul handled a grudge-match within his family of believers.  How can you do the same? 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a year ago
Ok so I know I need to make up with my mother. It's been a constant thing in our lives. She puts me down and I stop talking to her and then I am always the one who ends up calling her. She never apologizes or sees anything wrong with her side of it. I have been arguing with myself since mother's day about calling her. I could use some prayer and advice on this. Thank you and God Bless you all.
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a year ago
Hey Kris. Thank you for writing in. And this is probably a longer conversation but we can start here.

First Corinthians 13 provides great advice for loving people. We often refer to that as the marriage passage but it’s really just loving others as Christ has loved us. We also know that God has asked us to forgive freely because he has forgiven us freely.

But God does not ask us to be a doormat in life. There are some people who continually to abuse and never take ownership for it. Those are those relationships that healthy boundaries are required. Without knowing all the details I would suggest you continue to pray about this. But then put in healthy boundaries for communication and relationship. And when those are violated then it’s OK to pull away. But it’s also OK to seek reconciliation. You ultimately have to know that that repentance from your mother may never come. But your job in the relationship Is to forgive and leave the consequences to God.

One of the key principles I’ve learned is you cannot lose what you do not have. When the relationship is dysfunctional and you put up boundaries you may lose something but the question is did you ever really have it. Feel free to write back and ask any questions. You can also email me directly at

God bless!
a year ago
All we can do is clean up "our side of the street". If the people you have had a fight with or a misunderstanding won't forgive you or want to be around you- pray for them. You have tried and God knows your heart.
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a year ago
Thank you. It's just hard at times. Good advice. Never looked at it that way. God Bless.
a year ago
We should love one another, to fouus on Jesus.
a year ago
Great reminderto keep our eyes and heart focused on Jesus
a year ago
Thank you
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