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Stop and Go

Air Date: 2/11/21 - Stop and go.  God’s Word says that if you’re behaving in a destructive way, stop.  But don’t just stop – GO!  Go and do something good instead.  Pastor Nat shares this important spiritual stepping stone in today’s 5-minute podcast from Ephesians.   


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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THAT is AMAZING! I am praying for strength for you daily!
Such good news! Thank you for sharing! How is GT and engaging in God's Word helping?
This does happen to all of even if we don't admit to it. The difference is if you are a child of God! I'm sorry we do not know at least your name but I will Pray for you! Just remember please, The Lord is also our strength. When we've come to the end of ourselves, He gives us the hope to carry on. We know that He sees and will honor our efforts. When we feel ourselves becoming weary, we can ask Him to strengthen us. He knows exactly how to encourage us and the exact right time for that encouragement to come. The Lord is also our strength. When we've come to the end of ourselves, He gives us the hope to carry on. We know that He sees and will honor our efforts. When we feel ourselves becoming weary, we can ask Him to strengthen us. He knows exactly how to encourage us and the exact right time for that encouragement to come. For true Peace comes from Hope in Jesus Christ. May God Bless and give you His Peace in Jesus name Amen
Clyde brother Thank You for I feel like each new day you share more which allows at least me to take notice. Allowing me to know you better as I too from childhood used to always speak prior to looking up to say Lord Help me! I found, find when I do, I step back and think what would Jesus do. For me it's Paul's and James words that help me to continue to do just that. Yes though at times it is more than a simple challenge I turn around from it to come back to it Refreshed, well about 98%of time but those times I do not I still turn to Jesus then go back an apologize from the heart. Gonna keep praying for daily in Jesus name Amen
Barb you are not alone on this issue as I find myself to doing this. When I do I look up and say Jesus I'm letting go of these negative thoughts, Please Lord remind me to step back and say to myself what would Jesus do. It will help you start to to be renewed through The Holly Spirit in Jesus name I Pray Amen
Sir: a saint you may be be but for sure what you are is a child of God! In those "two" words having full meaning at the time there said does not always hold true. I Praise God brother that He Blessed You with the true Love partner in this Beautiful life's journey. May God Bless You and imposed you with His Mercy's and Grace each new day, give you His Glorious Power to remind you that you can and will do all things through Christ who Strengthens you, who Christ who Joy of your Strength. Father Please Bless and keep lifting this child of yours daily in Your Amazing Grace, to Renew, Restore, Refresh, Strengthen him to say I am Loved first by You then the Blessing of his wife You lead him to. Please Bless her Father daily to remind him how much she to truly Loves him bringing them together as "one" with and through You OH Lord our God, for I ask give and surrender praying only in Jesus name Amen
Hello and Amen to your recovery in knowing through Christ who gives you the strength, courage, wisdom to know you will continue on this life journey, knowing you are "Loved". Loved by The "One" who gave you life! Father I Pray You will Bless this Your child each new day to start that day saying Good morning Lord Thank You for this new day Blessed in You. Please grant give this child Your Mercy's and Grace each new day that he)she may know for truth You OH Lord Love them. Please Father Renew, Restore, Refresh them at the start of each new day. Give them Your Power, Strength, Wisdom to keep them hand in hand following in Your Will Ways Path and Perfect Timing to know they are worthy of so much more. Father we Praise and Thank You OH Lord for giving them that Strength only You gave to make it through those 28 days bringing them to the 50TH day of staying on Your Path and Ways. Please Father God Bless them give them again Your Power, Mercy's and Grace each new day to know You have a plan for the Beautiful life You have given them. Lift their Spirit Father I Pray up to keep looking up to You Our Savior Jesus Christ to say, I "Will" do all things through Christ who gives me strength, who is my Strength, who is the "Joy" of my Strength reminding Yes, Yes I will! Thank You Lord for given them this New Beginning a second chance to feel Live is a Blessing and Loving life begins in Loving You. Father I ask I Pray surrender it all to You knowing You will guide this child to a life made New in You, In Jesus Most Powerful Name Amen
Heavenly Father oh how I Praise and Thank You for Your Mercy's and Grace are made New each morning. Father we sometimes struggle with sin knowing it's wrong but yet doing it anyway. Please Lord Bless us and give us The discernment perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual guidance and understanding. "without providing for a time of healing and discernment, there will be no hope of living through this present moment without a shattering of our life Christ has given us through Him". For Father we know we worthy of so much more than sin itself. Please Bless and remind us we are here to Love "One" another as we are "One" together within only You Father. I Love and need Your leadership Father in every second of this Beautiful life You have given us through only You. As I surrender all to You, In Jesus name always Let God Amen
I stopped my drug addiction by willingly checking into a rehab facility completing a 28-day program and moving on to the next phase which is called residential for. They give us a place to live we have certain rules and guidelines to follow but it's now been 50 days clean and sober. And I'm loving life
Take time with God, with each other, with the co-woker, with the boss.
Thank you, Maureen for your honesty. I think most of us "pay us" first and God second...or third..or tenth. We don't give him the firstfruits, but the bruised rejects. I pray we all will be generous first. Thanks again or sharing!
I tend to .. well not tend to, I DO spend too much money, on me, on others etc. I need to tithe first then see what I have left over and I’m guessing it would be more than what I have now.
Thank you for sharing. Yeah, it's hard to cast vision in a marriage while not trying to "control" the situation. I'm glad you have unity and peace!
I struggled for control regarding an upcoming move-- for my husband to see that my idea was more practical. I stopped trying to convince my husband and truly submitted my will to God. HE gave me peace and then showed my husband what was right. We are now united in plan and purpose.
"I do" can be the most promising and taxing words. This is true in marriage and in our faith. We often think of the good future and the new beginning, but when the hard times come, we can be overwhelmed and bitter. It sounds like you are leaning into the opportunity to show agape love. I pray for continued compassion and encouragement. God bless!
Thank you for being honest! I've found in counseling often when we don't act out on our thinking in one way, it can come out in other ways. I pray that God will help curb a critical spirit and use your thoughts to seek understanding and long-suffering. God bless!
Clyde, you're not alone. I too can be quick to become angry. I think, for me, it can come back to pride or a lack of understanding. James' words come into my mind often: "Be slow to speak, slow to become angry, and quick to listen." Easy to say. It can be quite challenging to accomplish. Praying for you.
This is not uncommon. Why do you think you lie? Sometimes overcoming the battle is knowing why you're doing it. I will pray that you resist lying and speak truth in love. Amen!
I struggle with trying to please my wife who has serious back problem issues. I do everythng I can to please her (doing the laundry, the dishes, housecleaning, walking the dog, going to church, remodeling the house, etc.) Some folks might call me a "saint" but I am convinced of my vow to her to honor her in sickness and in health. I am really tired at the end of the day, and manytimes she and I will just take a nap. Thank you, God, for reminding me to honor her (she is very special to me). Please help to remove the frustration I go through every day. In Jesus name.
Many may struggle in this area Barb, I know I sure do.. I will surely pray for you . Can I ask you to pray for me too . Thanks Y B I C
But God...Amen.
I am struggling with unkind thoughts and an overwhelming need to be right. I rarely say these things out loud. I don’t criticize or nag my husband. But recently these thoughts have beset me. I pray and ask for God to remove my inner critical nature, and He always helps me in the moment, helping me to take these unkind, unspoken words captive under Christ Jesus. But I want the Holy Spirit to transform me to the point where my thoughts are kind, merciful and loving.
I've always struggled with quick anger. It's been a curse to me since I was younger. I need to step back before I say anything and think about what to say that won't be hurtful. But I even find that hard because the emotion is so quick and furious and before you know it, I'm at full bore anger. I do need prayers for that!!
Thank you for the word. Yes I am struggling with lying. Need orsyer