Stand to Reason. An Interview with Greg Koukl  - Win the Day

Stand to Reason. An Interview with Greg Koukl

Air Date: 8/21/20 - Today Pastor Nat welcomes Christian Apologist, and author Greg Koukl for a discussion about a very timely subject: RELATIVISM.  Are morals relative, are they dependent upon culture, or is there an objective standard we should hold to? Listen as these and other important questions are discussed in today’s interview.

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2 years ago
As Christ followers know the truth is from God, it is in the bible God's word is true.
2 years ago
Your friday podcasts encourage believers to want to know God in a deeper way. Marginal Christ followers are going to face these dangerous times without a firm foundation as the very winds from hell blow. Thank-you for disciplining the believer to think and act