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Air Date: 1/19/21 - Special deliveries – especially during the pandemic – are welcomed enthusiastically! Today Nat Crawford reminds you how needed the gospel is, and the importance of delivering it in everyday ways to everyday people.  Discover what it means to “pray and go”!


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Thank you, Eva! Keep sharing these with your friends and family. We want to impact as many people as we can while bringing people into this community to grow together!
Praise the Lord, I too need this offer collins.jlife@gmail.com
Think you Very good encouragment and we need these reminders every day and to give them to someone else as well I feel so blessed to hear and read the gospel That is what keeps us going
make disciples of all nations.
I know that God is not finish yet the there is still time tell otyhers about Jesus Christ, today.
Amen! Pray and get goin brethren!!
God bless u
I believe one way is as I posted above but as well I'm a bowler and volleyball player and carry Jesus in my heart to share in all I do as He leads the way!
Pastor Nat each I do just that I Pray and go. I'm being honest each day my shirt I wear tells whomever see me that I am a child of God. I am surprised that often I hear I like your shirt. Well as you know it opens the door for me to share what God has done and continues to do to work on and within me! For when I listen to them and then ask why they like my shirt. Some who are true believers and others who believe but have not been saved. I softly remind them that believing is not enough, that only God saves through His son Jesus Christ. That in order to get to The Father as written it can only be done through Jesus. No one can Pray and go who has not been saved! When I heard you mention about evangelist 1 in 13 not saved which does not surprise me. Then they can not spread the "True" words of God! People speak of religion not me for to me there is but one. To either be a Christian or not which means building a life through Jesus Christ. I read only KJV and NKJV though their are many such as NIV the message to me is not the same. It is only by The "Spirit" we have been made one! I Thank You Pastor Nat for uplifting and encouraging daily in The Father, Son, and Holly Spirit. Still The day I go "home" I will Pray and Go in Jesus name Amen
Yeah, some people have a hard time with excellence. :) Thanks for checking out the podcast!
I'm on board with your message, just not your shirt1 ;)
Pastor Nat, I enjoy walking and often encounter people who want to chat. Despite our current crisis, it's possible to do that safely. Friends sometimes want to walk with me, so we can maximize the time if we're attentive to those in need of encouragement through God's Word.
Good morning! Pastor Nat here. What hobbies do you have that can be leveraged for outreach? I use youth sports coaching, fishing, and bbqing. I enjoy bringing people who are far from God into these interests to share the gospel. It's fun and opens doors.
Rick, what a great question. There's no pat answer either. I think it's important to pray for open doors and discerning ears. But as a general rule of thumb, I ask a lot of questions. When we learn to be interested and not interesting, people are inclined to be open to us. When we seek understanding and context of the people we are trying to reach, they feel cared for (and they should!). So I encourage you to engage in meaningful conversation and look be prepared for open doors. Another thing to consider is the testimonies of your life. Yes, have your conversion story (before Christ and after Christ) and have the testimonies of God's faithfulness in your life. These stories show the reality of your relationship with God. I hope this helps!
Yes, God is. I'm thankful that God is the one who does the saving. It removes a lot of fear for me. If I'm called to simply live life with gospel intentionality, outreach begins to be a lot more fun.
Clyde, I think most people find it hard to start a conversation. And it seems like the doors are being shut and locked tight, but God is still the one who saves. So keep praying and going. God will do the hard part.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Thank you! I do find it hard to start the conversation, but once I see a crack in the door, that is my opportunity to let them know what Jesus has done in my life!!
GM Pastor Crawford. God is still knocking on doors.
Thank you
Thank you. How do u start that conversation?