Sowing and Reaping Your Legacy 

Air Date: 11/24/20 - You can live haphazardly and get unsatisfactory results.  Or you can live with intentionality, sowing and reaping a rich legacy along the way.  Nat Crawford encourages you to engage God’s Word and plant today what you want to harvest tomorrow! 

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Amen, I'm going to.look for that path that is pleasing to God and may others around me see and get on that path for God
Thank you Nat it is a very good reminder for me and I am going to do that pray to the Lord to help me find the way
I at least help others above myself in their spiritual walk with Jesus every day.
I should find away to help others with their walk with their Jesus every day.
Amen. Thank you Pastor Nat.
What is your "life sentence?" What is your desired legacy?