Song of Solomon – True Love Expressed - Win the Day


Song of Solomon – True Love Expressed


Air Date: 5/26/22 - Is sex taboo? Does God hate sex? Or is it something God designed and ordained? Join Pastor Nat as he turns to Song of Solomon for the answers.     


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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3 months ago
Soooo true love this
3 months ago
Heavenly Father, You have left nothing to chance and even in our intimate affairs, You have provided us with guidance for participation done Your way. Help us to follow Your code of conduct for married persons when we are ready to become intimate, and not according to secular values.
3 months ago
Thank you for this message today.
3 months ago
I know as a Christian We do not honor the scarlet thread of fate that link each person to there true soul mate, but in most Asian Culture the honor this Red string of fate. Most People including Christian’s have no idea that it was even mention in the Christian’s Bible but the scarlet thread is in the Songs of Solomon. Just goes to show just how widely spread of God fate and faith spreads over different religious beliefs, that when it all said an done the word of God no Matt what or who you worship all have a common ground to which all religions is based. It us the human who refuse to see that we are all the same but our leader choose the different to whole us captive to their beliefs, this is why I’m early history no one but the religious order was allowed to only read the word of God, meaning we only believe what ever was told to us to believe and if the Kings or Emperor wanted to change religion their entire kingdom had to change to what ever the religion that they choose or face death for not doing so. For those who don’t know about the string of fate that is connected to you and your true soulmate is an invisible string that bond the two of you together and only cannot be broken meaning from one life to the next you will alway be connected unless you choose to commit suicide then the string will become broken and you will never be able to be rejoined to your cherish love one even after death. This is human punishment and part of human suffering because of committing this unforgivable sin of take your own life and you be doom to wander eternity loneliness for all eternity. This is actually a fate worse than death., and a fate you cannot escape from. People who think that killing oneself is to escape earthly problems they have no ideas that their real problems will begin once they take their own life and there no escape of the repeating over and over their worst fear that made them give up their life.
3 months ago
Thank you our pastor for a great word on today amen
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