Some Truths You Need to Know pt. 2 - Win the Day


Some Truths You Need to Know pt. 2

Air Date: 3/27/20 - Imagine facing a setback asking ourselves, “How might God use this to advance the Gospel?” As Bryan Clark continues his study of Acts 16, he explains that our witness is often more effective as we navigate life’s storms. That’s because those we are investing in will face trials too and can find hope in our faith. As Bryan reminds us, “God has invited us in to be a part of something that will matter forever.”

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2 years ago
A powerful message I find that so amazing how God uses the disciples to bring out the gospel I can learn so much from that I have to learn a lot yet
2 years ago
I agree with Cynthia. There is soo much truth to what Paul is saying in the proclaiming of the Gospel.
If I understand correctly, Bryan, it is to those things which we give back to the Lord, to the furtherance of the Gospel (be it time, money, efforts e.t.c), these things are the gold, silver and precious stones that will be stored up in heaven.
Conversely, these same things which we keep to ourselves (money, time, efforts e.t.c), these are things which will be burned by fire.

Thank You!
2 years ago
There is a lot of truth about what Bryan is saying abut Paul is doing for the gospel of Christ.