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Sharing Hope 


Air Date: 7/24/21 - We are called to give an explanation for the hope we find in Jesus.  But have you ever wondered how to do that?  Pastor Nat shares some simple, yet effective ideas to help you share the hope of Christ!  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford 

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3 months ago
a year ago
Sharing hope blesses the giver and the recipient. Thank you for the encouragement.
a year ago
Sharing hope...Thanks Pastor Nat.
a year ago
Awesome message Pastor Nat as Christians we all do need to share the hope we have in Christ.
1 reply
a year ago
Thanks, Karl! Yes, we do! It can be intimidating, but God does the real work!
a year ago
Thank You Pastor Nat. We each should share Hope and Faith telling of our struggles. Telling other's The Joy of our Life and Strength is Jesus Christ.
In all things be ready to tell everyone, today I finally spoke to my young neighborhood. We spoke for over and hour and I mentioned that Sunday is a day of rest. He smiled and said I notice daily you ware shirts that have scripture on them.

I said yes I do because I am a child of God just as you are Josh. He smiled and said being in the military often I lost my Hope and Faith. I said Josh I to served and we all may at times but just because we do do not mean God doesn't Love us. For in the horrible storms we went through Jesus was with us leading the way. I Than and Praise God for this Blessing from Him as I have prayed to meet him

Josh is very intelligent and I said many are but not intelligent enough that we do not need Our Creator. I shared with him to come to Back to The Bible, where he would be welcomed with open arms.
As simple as it is to smile at person can truly make a difference in their day. As well just may open an opportunity to tell our story.

Remember to be a Blessing and each new day To Win The Day through Jesus Christ Amen.
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