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Search and Rescue 


Air Date: 10/05/20 - It was the greatest search and rescue mission of all time – Pastor Nat Crawford fills in the details from our study of Galatians.  Later, he’ll bring in discussion partners Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney for a break- down of today’s message. 

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Remember, the gospel saves our souls and transforms our lives. But this transformation doesn't happen over night. It takes time. So God does love us as we are, but because he loves us won't let us stay that way.
Thank you
Thank you, Pastor Nat, Cara and Arnie for sharing today.
Thank you Jesus for4 saving me as a sinner saved by grace through faith.
Being saved simply means reaching out to accept the gift of salvation through grace by faith from God. There is nothing you can do to earn it and that is why it is called Grace. Unmerited favor from God that you really don't deserve, but through God's Mercy, we accept His free gift of salvation. What you do with this grace remains as "the rest of the story". Pastor Bob
Thank-you for your gift that clarifies the gospel. It is deliverance from our bring us to the Holy God...eternity with be free to live our lives here with purpose....glorifying Him alone.