Salt and Light, Part 2 - Win the Day

Salt and Light, Part 2

Air Date: 8/13/20 - Jesus declares His believers to be “salt and light”.  What does that mean and how might that change your life today?  Pastor Nat Crawford helps you find the answers to those questions in today’s message, followed by a helpful discussion with Back to the Bible CEO, Arnie Cole and author, Cara Whitney.   

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford  


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Thanks for this Bible teaching. I enjoyed listening. I am one of the older listeners. I like to think that there is hope.
I enjoyed the various analogies about salt. It has inspired me to take a long hard look at my spiritual life. I wish to do better.
Correct, but it is the appearance that reminds us of purity. Thanks for the thoughts!
When we add salt it make us thirsty for God's word, this is how we should do we tell others about the Lord. We atr the light of the world, it shines the light to see we are going.
I never really understood the salt until today, thank you
The purifying aspect of salt likely has nothing to do with its color (or lack of color). It has to do with its ability to inhibit growth of certain germs based on its chemical properties.
Pastor Nat here. I love Jesus' teaching on salt and light. How will you show your saltiness and your light?